August 24th, 2011

List of replicas

 Hi girls, i decide to make a list of the replicas that appears trough the years . I focus in the printed and in the appliques ones .

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update october , 20, 2011 :

Oojia is making this replicas : Chess chocolat (ap)
                                                       Aqua Princess (ap)
                                                       Midsummer night dream (baby)
                                                       St. Mephisto Cathédrale ( baby)
                                                        Silent moon ( mmm)
                                                       Cherry berry bunny (ap)
                                                       Puppet circus (ap)
And DOL is making :  Puppet circus (ap)
                                       Holy night story (ap)
                                       Sheep garden (ap)
                                       Bunny milk (baby)


feel free to add more !PD: about the pics , i think it will a LOT  heavier if i post them =/ . Anyhow, all the pics are in the links =D


Tumblr-friendliness and the daily_lolita tumblr

I lieu of the recent Tumblr drama considering pictures being posted without permission, can we have a "tumblr friendly" tag on both egl and daily_lolita? That way if people see the tag (or lack thereof) on d_l posts or egl photoshoots/fashion shows/what have you, they know whether or not it's all right to put the pictures on their personal or themed Tumblr. I'd really like to see another d_l Tumblr again, but with proper permission this time!


BTSSB, AntP, and Meta Special Sets *UPDATE* new LP just added

Metamorphose 2011 Early Autumn Special Set for 15,000 YEN
Set consists of Pin-Tuck Ribbon Pinafore Dress (Lace) and a pair of socks (You can NOT choose the socks.) Will be available at approximately 18:30 on Aug. 26th (Fri), Japan time
* Shipping is after Aug. 30th (Tue) at the earliest.
* DO NOT order the other items with this special set.
* We won't accept any cancellation of order.
* We won't accept any return or exchange except defective product.

From the on going Baby Sale Page
The Shoe LP is still available in L and LL  
they *just* added a Boots LP two pair for 15,700 YEN
It was not there yesterday when I put in an order. But you might want to check and first, they also have boots and shoes on sale, and you can pick your own style, color and size combo. (but many combos are already sold out).
AntP Tartan check jumper skirt & head bow set 13,440 YEN
BTSSB Gingham check triple tiered skirt & drawers set 5796 YEN
BTW: There is limit of 8 items per order from AntP/BTSSB. The shopping cart lets you put in more items but then you get a notice next day that there was a limit of 8, and your ENTIRE order was canceled and to place a new order. And of course by that time some of the sale items you had ordered have gone out of stock *grrrrr*
Seems to me a better customer service model would be to put you order on hold and ask which items you wanted cut from the order to bring it down to 8, but no such luck.  Or better yet fix the shopping cart so it will not let you put in more than 8 items to begin with.

p.s. they still have the Usakuya Sweets jumper skirt & Petit frill long sleeve blouse & ribbon hair band SET for 13,440 YEN left in Small and Medium:

Alice and the Pirates Collaboration Pullips

I started collecting Pullips last year. They have released several dolls dressed in brand from H. Naoto, Innocent World and Angelic Pretty and in December they're doing a collaboration with Alice and the Pirates and the publishers of Gothic & Lolita Bible. The dolls are going to be based on the Mitsukazu Mihara illustration for the Autumn 2011 Gothic & Lolita Bible. Here's a link to Groove Inc.'s blog (Japanese only) with pictures of the the cover and the two dolls that will be released. (The Pullip is to the left and to the right is Isul, the younger brother.)

Baroque English page open!

Hi  !

it's Mana kim from South Korea.

i have two good news! i hope you like it too.

first, Baroque English page opened! at last^-^

you can get information from here    check the bottom of page. click the <How To Order> please.

and 2nd.

Baroque participate "Japan Fashion Base" service.

you can see indies brands of Japan, Korea, Taiwan

please visit here ^-^

and now,  i'm preparing new original print.

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