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Lolita on Eastenders?

in the UK we have a programme called Eastenders which is about everyday people in London,
some a bit rough around the edges :P
my parents watch it...
I was stunned to look up and see a white dressed lolita in the background of last nights episode!

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Kera Maniax vol. 3 scans - Gloomy Bear pattern?

Alright, EGL, YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE! I've looked everywhere in my search for scans of Kera Maniax vol. 3, the elusive volume with the Gloomy Bear apron pattern. Even the LJ community devoted to Kera Maniax scans. But I've had absolutely no luck so far. I'd really like to commission that apron one day, but until I get my hands on those scans...

Can anyone here help me? ;_;
Redhead goddess

So Close!

Some of you might be familiar with the adorable group Orange Caramel if you listen to K-pop, but I'm just wondering why these girls don't go full Lolita already, LOL.

Just do it already!

**Edited for confusion: I'm not insinuating that these girls are lolita I think I can tell the difference between prom dresses and loli as far as any of us can, hahaha. I just wanted to share my desire to SEE them in lolita.