August 22nd, 2011

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a friend in need

Hi everyone,

A few days a go a good friend of mine left to Corpus Christi in Texas to study for a year, on an exchange-program. She was really unhappy about this because she said she wanted to land anywhere but Texas. And now for my question... Does anyone of you know nice shops in Corpus Christy? I mean like shops that sell cute stuff and gadgets or Manga. She's a big Japan fan and a lolita fan as well, although she almost never wears it.

Id be really grateful if you guys could help me.
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Star Night Theater Replica

I'm curious if people here have heard about the Star Night Theater replica. I remember posts people made looking/hoping for one, but haven't heard much talk now that Oo Jia will indeed be selling one. DoL is sure to follow.

There have been some pictures released of it on Loli-Loli Paradise's page of the lace and top. What do you guys think?

I've heard Oo Jia makes good replicas, far better than DoL's, anyway. I know some people may be upset by this replica, but let's try not to turn this into a debate on whether or not replicas are okay. Let the dead horse rest in peace.

UK (specifically, London) lolitas?

Hi everyone~

I'll be visiting London August 27~September 10, and I was wondering if there are any lolitas who would be interested in showing me around their amazing city *0*? I'm not quite familiar with London (I've only been there for a few days previously) and unfortunately my friend whom I am visiting is working during the first week that I am there...

I'd love to see some places that locals love to eat/shop/hang out, that aren't catered to tourists or noted on guide books~ I've had lots of luck meeting lolita locals while on my travels, it's always been a wonderful experience :D

(I'm really sorry about posting so late, but I thought I'd give it a try regardless ^^;)

Review: Miscy - Blouse commission (Positive)

I've been meaning to do this reveiw for a while now, but I only got the time to get to it now...

Anyway, about two months ago I made a "Want to Commission" for a blouse to match my Midsummer Night's Dream skirt.

 miscy agreed to make this commission for me. She was always very kind and helpful and I am most satisfied with her services

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Another recruitment post

Hi everyone, we're STILL looking for MORE mods! More the merrier, right?
Feel up for the task? Head over to the recruitment post to apply and read over what it takes to be a mod!
If you're already applied but haven't heard back, don't worry! Once we've made a final decision, we will get back to you!
Recruitment will take as long as we get as many mods as we're seeking! We're deseperate for eglfeedback mods, so please apply!