August 20th, 2011


RHS question!!

Quick one: When it's really hot outside, can you wear rocking horse shoes without socks or is wearing them bare foot would be suicidal?
I'm thinking that if I sweat, my feet will slip inside the shoe and it will be a disaster, I may even fall down oO but I'm not sure and I think I recall a few bare legs + RHS coords so maybe there is hope?

The shoes are an*tai*na, brand new and I'm dying to wear them but it's really really hot outside and I don't have any time left to the event to buy special ballerinas shoes socks.

EDIT: if someone think of something else than regular OTK socks/tights and those special socks I don't have to go shop for, please suggest ^^'

Thanks for sharing your experience with me <3
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Query on literature

Hello! I have a rather strange query, forgive if it is mentioned before in a different way. I transferred computers many years ago, but recently recalled there was a link to a page of japanese translations I had rather liked from a lolita on this community. I think she has painstakingly made translations of his works on her page, which were on the life of an elegant lady and what she should/should not do. More on a life of elegant living. The writer was very particular and exact, I really enjoyed reading the translations. Might anyone recall what blog it was? I've been trying all sorts of searches but somehow I could not find it again. I seem to remember that Japanese writer was also quite popular. (ps: I saved that link about 6-7 years ago)

Shopping Services: What?

I've been digging around the old forum posts, and came across Taobao and mentions of how amazingly cheap it is with 'shopping services'. Considering it as an alternative to Bodyling, I dug further, looking for reviews of the products they send out. I was thrilled by the generally good quality, and went skipping off to try. ...unfortunately, I ended up blindly clicking around because I had no idea what I was doing, and closed the window, defeated and thoroughly confused.

What is a shopping service? How to you start to use one? And, most importantly for the thrifty Lolita, is Taobao cheaper than Bodyline with shipping included? I ended up missing out on the cheap DHL shipping from Bodyline. A 38 dollar coat is now 99 after EMS shipping tacked on, and I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to going with surface shipping and waiting 3 months, only to find out that the box was lost and I'm not getting a refund.

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MMM Silent Moon size question

I've been thinking about getting the MMM Silent Moon (short) OP or the jsk for a while now, but with there not being a waist size on the website I don't know if it will fit me. Could someone that has the OP or the jsk help me out by telling what would be the maximum waist size? I really want this print but I don't want to risk buying it just to find out that it won't fit.

Thank you!
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