August 19th, 2011

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Fright Night Meetup FINAL UPDATE

Fright Night was a childhood movie of mine and now they've remade it. I'm planning to see it whether it is good or bad, so I've decided to invite you all to join me. If anyone remembers from the our last meetup, this will be just as fun if not more. (However this will be a much better "bad" movie than Beastly")


Update: I've forgotten it was in 3D. For the sake of our wallets I've decided to choose 2D listing. Please see updated info under the cut.

Update #2: Try to be in the area around 6PM. We'll be going up into the theater at 6:15. Again make sure you have tickets for regular Fright Night Showing at 6:25 (not 3D)!

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Altering a brand print?

There are plenty of topics made by people who want to alter branded dresses but what about branded prints?

I've had this dress: for some time and I've always thought it would look truly "out of this world" if it had glitter in it.

There are plenty of stars and sparkles depicted in the print so I thought about painting them with glitter fabric paint to really make them sparkle!

Are there certain fabric paints that are better than others? Any special instructions I should follow to keep the paint looking its best and lasting the longest?

Or do you want to talk me out of it because it will destroy the fabric somehow?

Either way, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! <3