August 18th, 2011

Bonnets, mini toy soldier hats and a contest!

I know a lot of lolitas love hats, myself included. For the past 3 years I've been dedicating a good portion of my life learning how to make them, and my interest started with lolita! Now, somehow, I'm making hats full time. I still have a long way to go though.

There is a contest right now for millinery (hat making) and the winner could win an internship with legendary milliner Stephen Jones in London (he makes the hats for Commes des Garcons, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, etc). It would really mean a lot if you could check out my link and vote for my entry (which isn't lolita at all, really - it's a black top hat with octopus tentacles spilling out of the top :D).

You can vote with Facebook, Twitter, or text: TH BY34XF to: 75572 (US) - you can vote 3 times, once with each method!

I only need 300 votes to make it into the top 10 and increase my chances of being chosen to win - it would be so awesome if I could learn from a legend and improve my skills even more! Also - voting ends in 4 hours!!!

Here is the link to my entry:

Thank you so much for taking a look!

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(A few friends of mine suggested that I post this here, but if it's too OT/doesn't belong feel free to delete it.)

Losing friends over Lolita

One of my friends posted on Facebook, going on about how her friends should all reconsider wearing the style because of the name associated with it. She's essentially calling those who wear it 'japan-obsessed', and ignorant of what the word symbolizes and what it really means. I'm afraid of losing her respect because I happen to like dressing modest, and that's what I've come to believe Lolita fashion to be about. I don't want to lose her friendship, but at the same time, I love the feeling I get when I wear it.

I don't know how to go about telling her that I like the fashion she seems to hate. It's a touchy subject. Should I be direct? Send her a picture of some of my designs? Link her to a full outfit?

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Candy Violet "Fluffy" Petti and Baby skirts.

Hello all. I have another question for you all and would like to draw on your collective wisdom/experience. I am in the market for a good petti and was strongly leaning toward the Malco Modes 582 petticoat that Candy Violet is selling, however, I recently read that it was too fluffy to fit underneath btssb skirts. So I'm wondering if any of you can share your experience and let me know whether or not this petti fits under your brand pieces. Thanks so much.
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Whose jewelry is this?

An image of a handmade lolita necklace popped up on my Tumblr dash a few weeks ago, but not surprisingly, there was no link or credit given. I was wondering if anyone here could point me to the creator.

You can see the image here.
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Closet Child Concerns

I had a quick Closet Child problem and I will happily delete this post once it gets answered
so as not to clog up the community.

I ordered an item last week using the normal order form on the site.
They emailed me a few days later confirming that it was in stock and asked me to confirm
that my paypal address was correct and I still wanted the item by August 17.

I emailed them immediately, on August 15, and never heard back or received an invoice.

Has anyone else had this problem?  I hate for them to think that I'm a flake because an email
didn't go through but it's been several days now :(


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Follow-up post: Frilly Movie Night

Here's some polls I'd be honored if people would fill out so I can get this thing rolling for Saturday. :) I'm going to use these to get together what people want to watch and show 1, maybe 2 if there's time, movies using Synchtube, which allows everyone to watch YouTube videos at the exact same time. Synchronized-like.Collapse )

Thank you! Poll will be tallied and closed at 6:00AM EST Friday.
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