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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
August 17th, 2011 
ten foot pole
Does anyone have any suggestions for making a purse last longer? I've googled; I've searched the memories, and am not coming up with anything to help my specific issue. I just purchased yet another one; and I'd like this one to last...

I find that all my bags and purses are getting thrashed-looking within a few weeks! Wrinkles, scuffs, wear marks; it looks like I've been using it in a medieval battle or something... I don't think I'm especially abusive to them, but clearly I am doing SOMETHING wrong! :)

How do you ladies keep your bags looking so sharp and brand-spankingly new? Thanks in advance!
 Posted with laiferr 's approval.

So I'm on a few other communities that stream movies every Friday, and I've always found this to be very fun and a good way for members of the community to get to know each other.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing this on EGL? I've personally got access to a few movies/TV shows on DVD and Livestream, and there are plenty of movies uploaded to YouTube that Synchtube could be used for, now it's just a matter of finding out what girls want to see and what times would be best for everyone. I'd personally like to keep movie content PG-13 because of the younger members of the comm, and try to find movies that are somewhat related to Lolita (like movies that feature renaissance fashion, or Victorian fashion, or historical fictions but I'm personally up for anything).

So, any interest? :) And if so, please do post what you'd like to see.

Hi everyone, last weekend my friend Cory and I had a Photoshoot in Tijuana, México at a abandon / destroyed house. It was fun and hard at the same time, the place was smelly and dangerous but everything came just right.

I hope you like the cinematic concept of this photoshoot.

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zosan 2
Dose anyone know of a SS for Imai Kira's webstore?
I was watching videos with Therion at Bloodstock and saw that one of the vocalists - Linnea - is wearing lolita ^___^ (personally, I think it would be more loli with nicer shoes and other gloves, but anyway).

video under the cutCollapse )

Just wondering if it is some brand dress or something made especially for her.
Hey folks! I am temporarily acting as a mod for sew_loli  while we are re-working our very old and out-dated tagging system. I have finally updated all the tags and have come here to ask any members who have posted there in the past to please view THIS ENTRY and help us re-tag your old entries.

We are hoping most active users can re-tag their own entries this week, then the 'tag mod' team will take over and re-tag all of the older entries. Any help we can get with this project is greatly appreciated! This will make our community a better resource for those wishing to get into sewing or looking for hand made lolita examples. Thank you for pitching in!

~Sew_loli re-tag team!

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