August 16th, 2011


Anybody know how to order from Galbanara?

Hello all! Does anybody know how to order from There is a wig that I really want, but I have no idea how to order it! If anybody has ordered from them your help would be much appreciated!

This is the one I want. The image is pretty big so I just went ahead and posted the link to it if you guys would care to see it. Also. . .what do you guys think of it? Let me know your honest opinions, please!
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Jake <3

(Solved - dry cleans fine)Experience dry cleaning Queen's Coach print?

I received my Queen's Coach print jsk (in navy)recently and the tags say dry clean only, but before I just drop it off, I wondered if anyone else had an experience(or horror story)or tips to share. Or perhaps you have found an at-home method to clean it? I've read the list on egl of what can/cannot be washed, as well as the hello lace list, and could only find that the navy bag bleeds when wet (yikes!) but nothing on dry-cleaning experience.

Do you own any items in the Queen's Coach print? Have you washed/dry cleaned them? What was your experience?