August 13th, 2011

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help! really messed up DOL replica.

I ordered several things from dream of lolita, and the majority were just fine, but my sugary carnival skirt arrived covered in something sticky. It's not visible on the front of the fabric, only the back. i tried washing it in cold water, and it didn't help.
The sticky is kind of like ... sticker residue?
So, does anyone have any idea what it is? something related to the printing process? Should i try washing it in hot water, or will that only make things worse? Any sugestions are appreciated.
i ordered it though Taobaospree, are they ever able to get refunds from DOL? It doesn't seem very hopeful, since I'd probably have to pay more to ship it back than its worth, right?
pictures of this mess under the cut:
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I know about Hello Lace, and it is an excellent reference source. But are there any others out there? Forgive me if this an over asked question, but I'm terrible at searches.

Also, is it me or does anyone else find it strange that on Hello Lace BtSSB does not have any socks listed?

Just asking. Thanks Loli sisters!

JSK Mod Party! + Questions on Suspenders

Hello again everyone! I posted yesterday with a cosplay-ish monstrosity, and have returned with some follow-up questions about separates and some basic drafts that, if no one would mind, I would like some feed back on. I think all of them improve on my first outfit, and all of them are well within my sewing abilities.

First, you'll all be happy to know that the white overlay is gone, as are all traces of that gold satin and the bow. Upon reading some 30-odd comments regarding it and its way-too-white 'milk-maid' look, it had to go. It has been carefully, albeit ravenously, torn apart for its most basic parts (lace, white cotton), which will be re-purposed and reused for these upcoming designs. With it, I have some 6-ish yards of buttery cream/yellow-colored cotton, several yards of 1/2 inch eyelet cream-colored lace, and 6-ish yards of white cotton at my disposal. After all, who doesn't love a Lolita that recycles!

Since I'm not too sure how to post this giant creature of a sewing post in the same pretty way everyone else does, I will err on the side of caution, and put the actual draft entries into the first comment instead to avoid turning the front page into a wall of text. That's sort of selfish. Thank you for being patient with me!

First things first: Suspenders. I love them to pieces from my punk years, but can they be used for any style outside of punk, or even in punk at all? Are they a Kodona-only thing? The last thread introduced me to the idea of separates to suit my plus-sized figure, and I'm curious to see if they're allowed at all outside of boy-style.

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Better Late Than Never...BTSSB at Otakon!

I know it's been forever since Otakon, but I finally got a chance to organize the pictures I took from the audience at the Baby/Alice and the Pirates fashion show at Otakon.

I am  not a professional photographer, so I kinda played with settings and crossed my fingers that some photos would turn out; results were kinda mixed.  I didn't do anything to them other than crop some of them.  Oh, and they may not be in order anymore :(

Rather than uploading and LJ-cutting them all here, it was easier to just  put them up on Photobucket.  You can view them here!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
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First Post!

 Hello I'm Katy. I am new to lolita and today I tried making my own hair bow. This is how it came out!  It's not amazing and I made
a lot of mistakes but I'm proud of it!  I hope you like it, thanks for reading.^.^

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Replica Lists? And Color Coordinating!!

So I might be a little slow and might have missed it, but I used the search function and looked at the sidebar but I couldn't really find anything.

I'm looking for a list of Reliable Replica Sellers. Like I'm not looking for going through Taobao but like sites like Fan+Friend. If you guys could, can you give me a list with links?


Now, my next question is on color coordinating. As I'm still a slowly adding to my lolita wardrobe I've found that I want other colors besides my main color (which is pink) As of right now, all I have are pink shoes from Bodyline. And right now I'm not interested in buying a new pair in a different color.

My main concern is what other colors I can coordinate with my pink shoes. Because according to my best friend I'm a little tacky when it comes to clothes and colors xD. So like for example, if I buy a Lavendar OP for sweet would that go good with my pink shoes? And what other colors would go good with my pink shoes? Because I would like to extend my color choices in Lolita ^^;
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BTSSB tea party official tour package for western Lolitas!

Not to be confused with our own tea party coming up in just a week or so, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has asked us to help spread the word about their Magical Tea Party from Hoshi no Namida Princess coming up this October. They've put together a pretty impressive tour package for the event! We searched and didn't see that anybody else had mentioned this here before and we knew some of you would be interested. You can meet Misako Aoki, Midori, and Akira - and you can even visit Tokyo Disneyland with Baby's design staff!

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question about sock fit- 3 pairs

Heya! Sorry for the lack of funtimes content here, but I have a question that's been bugging me for a while now and I would just love to have an answer if anyone can help me!
I've had a look through the memories and found very little related to this, and so far nothing to answer this question.

I'm looking to buy three pairs of socks

In the past, I've had issues with socks (especially fun interesting socks) fitting over my calves. I don't tend to think my calves are all that huge, but I'm starting to doubt! At the widest point, they measure about 40CM around.
My question: Does anyone have these socks? Are they very skinny and with little stretch, or will they stretch nicely? I know the SS socks are popular but I haven't quite found any posts about how they stretch, specifically, and the other two pairs, I just can't find anything about.
They are inexpensive, but I'd rather not pick them up if I'll just end up with yet another pair of useless socks =(

Thanks muchly! I hope someone will have some advice here, otherwise I'm goin' in blind and hoping for the best!
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Art post: Creature Chess

Hello EGL! It hasn't been too long since the last picture I posted here - about 4 months I think. In case some of you remember, I've posted a couple of art posts before, mainly of my character Koneko-chan, whom I like to dress in the dresses I like most. Well, now I'm bringing you yet another one - hopefully you aren't tired of her yet. Today, she is wearing Chess Chocolate! Click the cut to see how she looks wearing the print! :)

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