August 12th, 2011

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Stupid Questions II: Return of the Stupid Questions

Can Anna House's petticoats be ordered with custom sizing? I don't know if I'm being excessively paranoid or not here, but I'm working myself into a frenzy because it doesn't specifically say they can be bespoke (bespoked? bespoken?) even though it doesn't say they can't...

Since I'm ordering an OP from Anna House I thought I'd get a petti at the same time to save on shipping, but their XL is too small for me. :(

And, um...

Am I fooling myself thinking I can put together a decent coordinate for about $300? I was so excited and sure of myself when I last posted, but now I'm not so sure. D:

I know I just posted, but... hopefully you lovely lolis can forgive me? Working this out on my own is really overwhelming. Hopefully some of you can relate! @__@)
Wicked Lovely

What do you guys do when your dream dress sells out?

As we all know, loli isn't cheap. You save, you work full and part-time jobs and try to pay all of your bills at the same time and just when you have enough for that new Angelic Pretty or Baby print - SOLD OUT!!! This unfortunately has happened to me more than once. So what do you do when your dream dress is sold out in webshops? Give it up for lost?

First Time Poster - First Time Critique (Closed)

Hello EGL! I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I need the help. I'm a scared newbie to the highly competitive world of Lolita fashion. I'll be the first one to admit that I am incredibly nervous posting here for the first time. My first experience wearing Lolita in public got me called an ita by the other girls at the tea party meet-up, and bad-mouthed for my first attempt at hand-sewing a set, so putting myself back out in public with a modified version of my first coord is terrifying for me. I ask that you be completely honest with me despite this, as I do not want a repeat of my first experience under any circumstances. It was utterly humiliating.

To my credit, I did my research on the measurement details before I began, but evidently not enough on the styles themselves. I couldn't afford to buy brand under any circumstances, nor would brand come in sizes that fit me unless I custom ordered (Size 16-18 American), so I ended up modifying a simple, full skirted dress I already owned. Apparently, this is normally a big no-no. I measured the angle to ensure that I would get the right shape, then used designs on Fanplusfriend to sketch out my own original design. At the time, I shot for a jumper skirt-and-blouse set using a earthy brown base with cream-yellow/gold accents for my color palette, using medium-weight cotton broadcloth and a very light cream cotton eyelet lace for the material. It took me 3 months to hand-sew the finished product. I polished off the full outfit with a wide-brimmed straw hat touched with the same gold ribbon I used with the dress, and I touched it up with a wicker basket. This is the final dress, on the floor without me or the petticoat under it:

It looks a little odd just sitting on the floor like that, but you get the idea, right? As you can tell by the dress itself no doubt, I am a big girl. I'm a size 16-18, and wearing Lolita itself is a scary thing when you're large to begin with. I ask for your frank critiques. I don't want to end up humiliated again, so I'd like to avoid making any mistakes with my coord as I can. Looking back on that outing, and what I know now, I didn't do anything outstandingly wrong. I had a hand-made petticoat on that gave me sufficient A-line style poof, white knee-high stockings, and black flat mary-janes. My make-up was natural, and my hair was in tight curls. I can't think of anything intrinsically wrong with what I did, outside of getting my style wrong in casual conversation (I know better now, yikes!) and maybe accessorizing wrong, so it must have been the dress. I'm sorry if it's not enough information, but I don't have any pictures of that full coord. The basket is gone, as is the hat and my long hair. My basket and hat were lost during my inter-state move, and I donated my hair to charity. Just judging by the dress, what could I improve upon? Was it too costume-y because I mixed up my styles? Did I use the wrong colors? Can it be saved, or should I trash it all together and just buy pre-made from now on?

Please be frank with me.

Edit 2: Holy cow, so many different opinions! So many ideas! It's a lot to digest. Thank you, everyone! You all will be the first to see my next draft!)

Shiro Loli

4 year-old Kaya's lolita bedroom featured on MSNBC

What a shock it was to click this and find a picture of a very (in)famous 4 year-old wearing her mother's hand made lolita-styled strawberry themed frills ♥

The rest of the article is very interesting too, though. It's a very complicated and diverse world we live in, don't you agree?

EDIT: Sorry, I had no idea this was posted a few months ago, but hey, that was a few months ago. I'm sure we have new members now who have yet to see this, so I'm not taking it down.

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come to the rori side of the force

photo request: whip magic by angelic pretty

So i have been absolutely obsessed with whip magic by AP ever since i was 18 when it came out.

I am looking for photos of all the colorways for either the op or the chest ribbon jsk or both, as long as i can find one of each. Stock photos would be amazing, but any photo that shows the color well is great!

Thanks in advance for all the help! :D

(I have 2 jsks allready im trying to decide which color i want for the op, and since the op and chest ribbon jsk are similar in design, thats why im looking for both :] )
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