August 11th, 2011

Qutieland / Antaina Tea Party Review

I just received my new Antaina Tea Party Shoes! Yayness!
If only they could have arrived in time for Hyper Japan :c
Oh well. They are so cute though! Very very excited to have my first pair!

I got them in pink matte and in the flat heel style. I'll post more pictures at a later date. 

(My cuts don't seem to be working at the moment, so I'll add more when I get that working n-n;)

Shoes: 4.9 /5

I love them SO much! They are really really cute, they are really soft and comfortable,
and they have those pop-on and off snap things. This is really good because you only
ever have to do up your buckles once, reducing damage from messing about with straps, 
and also reducing the time it takes to put them on and take them off. 
You can wear them with the front straps crossed or straight,
and you can remove the ankle strap. The bows, however, are not removable.
The bows on the back of the shoes are a little crooked and weird looking but I don't find this a huge problem.

Shipping: 4.9 /5
Ordered on 2011-06-26. Received on 2011-08-09.
This is about two weeks after the making time,
but I understand they need time to process the order and for shipping.
It would have been nice to have an estimated delivery time
but they gave a tracking number so I was happy with that.
The packaging was very crushed in transit but luckily the shoes were not damaged.
It came in a shoebox, the shoes were in individual plastic bag things.
The box was in a bag as well with the shipping details attached to it in a plastic wallet.

Help Me Finish This Song!

While I anxiously wait for the money to pile up (and do other useless lurking), I got a strange idea. A parody of Ke$ha's Tik Tok!
Here's what I have so far:

Wake up in the morning feeling like Malice Mizer
(Hey wassup boys?)
Grab my apron I'm out the door to chill it with my loan adviser
(We own this party!)
Before I leave, check EGL to see who's buying what
'Cause when I leave for the night I'm gonna buy some stuff

I'm talking mary janes on my toes toes
Petticoat under my clothes clothes
Boys blowing up our phones, phones
Tea-sipping, check out that Kanon CD
Group ordering on AP
Pulling up socks to the... KNEEEEE...

Don't stop, button up,
Just don't make your collars pop!
What's the August theme?
Pressing F5 till my hand's numb
Oh-wo-oh-oh Oh wo-oh-oh

Don't stop, bows on top,
Just don't make your collars pop!
Tonight, imma fight,
Then stalk In the Starlight
What's the August theme?
Pressing F5 till my hand's numb
Oh-wo-oh-oh Oh wo-oh-oh

This dress is really tight and I've got to pee
Ain't got no money in my pocket but I want that OP!
All the kodonas lining up 'cause they hear we got shirring
But we kick them in the face if they don't wear Baby

I'm talking ?
Ranting on those Cosmates, Mates
Ripping up Raschel Lace
Brand shopping, ?
Flaming on Lolita Se...CREEETTSSSS

Don't stop, button up,
Just don't make your collars pop!
What's the August theme?
Pressing F5 till my hand's numb
Oh-wo-oh-oh Oh wo-oh-oh

Don't stop, bows on top,
Just don't make your collars pop!
Tonight, imma fight,
Then stalk In the Starlight
What's the August theme?
Pressing F5 till my hand's numb
Oh-wo-oh-oh Oh wo-oh-oh

Any ideas?
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Ska + Lolita... yes or no?

Obviously, I like Lolita. ( Otherwise I wouldn't be here, right? )
I also really really like Ska music and the styles that are usually linked to Ska. Like the rudeboy and skinhead styles that originated in Jamaica ( just clarifying just in case there are people here who automatically think of racism when they hear "skinhead"; I will admit I used to D: ) and the mod style that originated in England.
Now I don't know about how you all would feel about a coordinate including a white, black or maybe checkered black and white blouse with a cute black and white JSK ( or perhaps a black and/or white skirt with suspenders! )  under a bomber jacket, with fishnet stockings and Dr. Martens. As much as I'd like to love that picture, it doesn't look quite right in my head.
So what do you all think? How could this idea work? COULD this idea work?
( Not only am I interested in your opinions, but I may use your comments as advice for the future ^_^ Not to mention I'm quite curious if there are any other skankin' lolis out there! )
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Sweet Beginner Lolita

Hello Everyone,
hope you're all doing well. : )  After summoning up the courage, I have decided to do a small post, asking all of you for your opinions. I'm a very beginner Lolita (I started just last month! ^^;;) and I've done a little bit of research before purchasing any dresses.

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About Mary Magdalene...?

I've been a loli for years.Years. Even before being a lolita, I just loved to browse brand sites, which my favorite was Mary Magdalene. Even now I enjoy browsing it. But...Everytime I look up at the dresses they're always soldout! Always! Andh they're so hard to find second-hand...
Is Mary a very smallbrand?I've never seen a picture of a MM store...Someone who went to Japan, does it exist? Or they just do online business?
A light, please!
white lolita

Gothic lolita fashionshow in Holland: Video

On Sunday 31-8  (me) organised a Lolita fashion show.
A lot of other lolita's came to watch the show, it was a amazingly fun day!

Here is a picture Hennie Ummels made of some of the girls.
Spot all those photographers in the back.

Hennie Ummels also filmed the whole fashion show, it is 27 minutes long.
So I recommend getting yourself a nice beverage before you start watching.

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In my blog I have some more pictures of the day:
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Miu Miu

Came across this while following Rue La La: A photo of Zoey Deschanel wearing Miu Miu.

Except... it looks like something I've seen the brands do.  Veryveryvery similar.  Just can't put my foot on the brand and the design.  I just know I've seen it done before.

Anyone want to share brand designs that could have inspired this piece?

Houston Lolita meet tomorrow!

Houston Lolitas, if you havent been on the Houston Lolita LJ lately, Then you may not know that there is going to be a  meet tomorrow at Sugarbabys cupcake boutique at 3pm. (This is there site so bring your self bring a loli friend and lets have some fun and eat some sweets :)  

 ~ also if your going to be coming late leave that below :3

~hope you all can make it~!!!
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You remember all those Meta LP post a couple weeks ago?

So long story short, I too ordered a meta LP a couple weeks ago. The problem was, I had it sent to my dad's house rather than to me, since at the time my address was in limbo. And since my dad lives about 250 miles away from me, just far enough to make weekly trips inconvenient, I was unable to retrieve my LP till today!

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I also received my Night Fairy Fantasia, once again in the same situation as my Meta LP. I got the jsk, bag, otk socks, and headband *o yes, the whole coordinate :3*

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Thank you so much for looking, even though its so late. I would have posted this sooner if I had received my stuff sooner. Next time I promise :P
Raine Right

My first handmade loli piece!

Upon being commissioned by my sister's friend to make her a cosplay, I realized that since I have some extra money again (I was out of work for quite a while) I'd try actually using one of the patterns from the English G&L Bibles. In two days, I made this skirt, and had fabric left over to make a simple matching bag! Excuse the bad cell phone pics and messy room please~

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Kawaii Factory Contest

I'm very excited because I have 5000 fans at my facebook page! Are you a follower yet?
I'm here to let you know that I'm having a very special contest to thank you. Entering is very easy, just send to me your most kawaii pic to: before August 20th.
The pics will be submited on a facebook album and the most "Liked" picture will be the winner! Just ask your friends and followers to vote your pic. Just for entering you're willing to win a 25€ gift certificate to spend in Kawaii Factory.

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