August 10th, 2011

How Puffy Should a Petticoat Be?


I am planning on wearing lolita clothes for the first time in public at a upcoming con. I know this is probably stupid, but I also can't help feeling worried whether I'd be able to wear it properly since I want to try to look my best and at least, try to show the appeal of lolita to my friends. @.@

I originally bought my dress and petticoat in China, but the petticoat was really nothing more than a thin miniskirt, so I had to get some extra layers tailored added onto underneath. However, with the event coming up soon, I still can't help feeling indecisive whether or not I should still add some more layers underneath.
I didn't know who else to ask, especially since removing layers from petticoat seem like it be something almost impossible without damaging the fabric, so I thought I come here and ask for the expert lolitas' opinion here on what I should do. ;)


Do you guys think the skirt should be puffier? OR would it look better if it was puffier?

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Also, do you guys think white socks would look better? Should it be knee-length? Or maybe ankle-length?

Sorry for being so insecure and indecisive! >.<;;
Thank you very much~


Sorry this is so late!!! I've been trying to get ready for my con haha >.<;;

ANYWAY, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY FOR THE REPLIES! I really appreciated it, I feel a lot more confident and relieved now~ ;D

Thank yon once again! x)

hello lace Washing List + Rose Toilette Skirt (Black) Question

Hello everyone,

In a near future, we will start adding "Clothing Care" fields to the wardrobe entries. I'd like to ask for your help with filling in as many entries as possible. Please use the following forms, and be as specific as possible or I will be unable to add the information. If there's multiple versions of an item, please state which one you own (feel free to browse hello lace for it).

EDIT 8/11: Thank you everyone for submitting! Keep them coming, so I can fill up this list. :)

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suisei seki

Shoes coordination question

Hi all,

I was browsing through the internet and came across these shoes on Rakuten:

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Do you think these would look good with lolita, perhaps paired with classic or country-styled outfits ? 
What kind of outfit would you pair these with ?
I ask this because I noticed much more strapped mary-janes, compared to other footwears such as ballerina flats or shoes like these.
Thanks in advance :)

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