August 9th, 2011

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Cosplay Lolita?

Yesterday I created a Facebook album tilted "Lolita". When I checked on it later that day, a friend commented asking if I meant Cosplay Lolita. I replied no and told her where I bought my dresses (There's only two for now). She hasn't responded back, but I'm feeling a bit self-conscious now. She's been a lolita much longer than I have, so I'm wondering if the dresses look like cosplay more than actual lolita fashion. 

This I my very first lolita dress.... And it's from Milanoo *GASP*!!! This was before I saw and heard all the Gawd awful reviews. Except for the ribbon detail (which I'll fix up myself), it's not really bad. 

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Lolita Bow Tutorial - con/crit requested

 Hello lovely lolitas of egl~!

bow tutorial

Just posted up a tutorial complete with step by step photos on lolita bow tying at the request of a few local lolitas. It's one of my first tutorials I've written so I'm looking for some con/crit from anyone willing to give it :) Main priorities are clarity and if the instructions are easy to follow and replicate. Any other suggestions or requests will be gladly accepted as well. The blog isn't exclusively lolita so some of the tedious parts of explaining things that everyone here pretty much knows needs to remain. Feel free to gander at other blog posts though (mostly baking and other crafty things).

I know a tutorial has been posted on egl a fair time ago so I won't post the entirely of it here unless requested.

Thanks in advance~!
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Hey, I'm just wondering if there are people who would buy lolita styled stickers or knows people who like to buy stickers. I've made stickers before of my artwork and I got the idea to draw up some more cuter images to add to my shop. I know wearables are very stable but I've notice other deco items on sale in certain places (mirrors, boxes, notebooks, pens) as well as normal artwork (commissions and prints).

So would there be people looking for stickers?
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don't mind me, just freaking out a little...

My parents just sprung a wonderful surprise on me; in early November they're taking me to see two of my favorite artists ever in the whole wide world! *__* And in return, I have a surprise for them (my parents, that is); I want this to be my first time wearing lolita.

...but once the excitement wore off, I realized that I'm drawing a complete blank on everything this wonderful community has taught me. Everything.

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ETA: Oh hey look another question!

I'm absolutely positive I've seen another plus-sized loli's review of this Anna House OP... but I can't find it! D: I've looked through the memories, the tags, used the search... and no dice. Can anyone help me out?
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London riot update:

 Thing got pretty bad last night, I urge all the lolita's and their friends and families to stay safe until this all blows over.
I hope your homes are safe and that you are too!
Please keep us posted on how it is down your part of the country so we can warn others!

Also, want to put a peaceful stop to the riots? Well drink tea, the more people joining and posting to this Facebook group the less people there are causing havoc for others on the streets!

Operation Cup of tea:

Link here:

Even if you don't take part send it around!