August 8th, 2011


Lolitas in Paris, France?


I'm going to be traveling to Paris from August 26 to August 30, and was wondering if there were any lolitas that would be willing to hang out with me on those dates?

I'd really like to visit the Baby/AP store, though I'd imagine it's maybe a bit cliche for a lolita hangout in Paris. Or maybe a night out on the town, in lolita or otherwise? I'd really love to experience the night life of Paris (know any good clubs, bars?) as well as the daytime tourist stuff, but it'd be 100x more fun to do it with some fellow lolitas as apposed to my mom and grandma hahaha.

So, anyone up to hang out?
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Usakumya Re-release

 For those of you who have been asking where/how to get an Usakumya, Baby will be re-releasing them starting August 12th.

Take a look at the reserve page.

The rucksack is only going to be released in white, the pochette is going to be in white or pink, and the mini-mini will be in white, pink, or black. I was hoping they would have the rucksack available in black, but no such luck...

Oddly (to me at least), the ship dates of each size are vastly different. The pochettes will be in stock at the beginning of September, the mini-minis will be in stock in mid-October, but the rucksacks won't be in stock until November.

Crafting supply help - where can I find large pom poms?

A while ago I bought a wallet at a sanrio store that had a large pom pom on the zipper. This ended up being problematic with the small opening in my purse so I replaced it with a charm. I used the pom pom to make a charm for my DS, and I absolutely love the way it turned out.


Now I really would love to make more accessories with pom poms like this! They'd look super cute replacing the tassel on my parasol, as hair clips or more charms. The trouble is that I can't find any more pom poms like this one, only the cheap little craft ones or handmade yarn ones, which aren't the same thing. This one is pretty large and its center feels like it's sewn around fiber fill so it doesn't feel like it'll unravel on me. I'd love to have more like this in multiple colors so if anyone has any idea where I can find any like this, I'd be very grateful.

Edit: Have a DIY solution. :D Thank you for the help.

First attempt

Collapse )Hello, first let me say I am sorry if im not doing this right but this is my first time posting on here and my 1st time actually trying to wear lolita. I currently do not have much so this is just things from my closet that I attempted to put together. I want to know everyone's opinion because I do not want to look like a ita >.<

My name is Shay and I love the renaissance era, I am an old soul in the modern age, so when I saw lolita it was love at first site. I am young and broke so I have not been able to buy anthing to feed my addiction but I have some things in my closet that i think comes close. I know that black and white coords are difiicult but seeing as though these colors are whats mostly in my wardrobe i tried anyway lol. So um i hope i did the cut thing right and the pictures r up there, please comment. I havnt worn it out or anything i was just trying to put things together to see how if it works. Oh excuse the lack of socks and complete mess in the background lol
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ETC Bags pre-order post ?

Hi all,

If I hadn't simply dreamt it all up in the midst of work ... I recalled that there a couple of weeks ago, there was a post on egl-comm-sales by one of the bigger online shops/sellers about pre-ordering of lolita items. Amongst the items that I remember was on sale/pre-order were Emily Temple Cute bags which came in 3 colors, cream, pink and honey brown.

However, I have utterly no memory of who the seller was, and I can't seem to find the post again on egl-comm-sales. Can someone please enlighten me with the name of the seller, or better still, direct me to the post or the website of the seller/online shop?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance ! 


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Yes, this is another of those blasted "I made a Lolita blog" posts.
Because I did!
Ladies and gentlemen, I cordially invite you to Bow and Ladle, my blog dedicated to Lolita, cooking and cooking in Lolita. Or for Lolita.

That said, I already have my fair share of favorite cooking blog, but do you guys have any, and if you do - care to share?
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