August 6th, 2011


 Staying in New York with my family for a few days, any places I can buy some Lolita clothing?

Thanks! ^__^

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Too Hot for Lolita: How to Stay Cool and Cute

 Where I live in the US it is hot, but I know my 95-100 degrees F is nothing to the rest of the country or world!

Lolita is a perfect fashion for the winter. With long blouses, jumpskirts, petticoats, and tights, one can easily stay warm with a sweater or coat. However, the heat of the summer is an enemy for lolitas. Where I live in the USA, it is hot. This year has been a heat wave –like most of the USA. Here are some tips on how to stay cool yet cute:

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What are your additions to the tips?
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Need help finding a brand!

 Hi ladies, I need help identifying a brand to go along with these dresses. I saw these photos from a fashion show at Otakon and I was wondering if you all could help me identifying the brand they belong to? I think they belong to an indie, American brand but I'm not sure. Thanks!

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Question about Loris handbags

While I've attempted to do my research and have learned of the risk of purchasing a Loris handbag in which the handles may rip off, that is a risk I'm willing to take given the price of the bag and the fact that I'm curious to see of my local cobbler could reinforce them. However, I've yet to find a review in my searches that tell if the bags are at all "stretchy".

That is, I'd love to purchase one to carry my laptop around in school (as I personally very much dislike the look of regular totes and can find no other suitable alternative that I like the design of), but of course my laptop measures just about 1-2cms too long to fit into the length of the Loris bag I have my eye on from Ling_Lam on ebay as they have more selection that Clobba. Would anyone be able to tell me if this 1-2cms would really make a difference and if I could reasonably squeeze my laptop inside? Or are the bags pretty stiff and this would only ruin it?

Thanks! :)
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Shopping Services for Closet Child

I know we've had this topic before, but the current ones I know of are either about to leave Japan, don't specify as to whether they're SS is still open, not responding, or don't do "dream dress shopping" which I totally understand.

That said, does anyone know of any shopping services for that will specifically search for a dress? There's one dress in particular that I'm trying to find, and I'd like to put down some cash for someone in the area to find it.

Thank you!

loliable patterns!

 I went yard saling today and found these really lovely patterns at a church's yardsale for 20 cents each. They are for little girls dresses, but I still think with the right alterations they could  work really well!
I'm into doll customization right now, and I'm planning on making a doll of my lolita character Sin-Sin, so I'm going to scale them down for her (im no where near  nice looking enough to put a lolita dress on myself :'c)
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come to the rori side of the force

Smashed hat! :[

So a package i ordered from bodyline just came in. Ive ordeted from there before and always had everything wraped up realy nice, or shippeded out in a box. This time however, everything was thrown into a garbage bag and the opening taped closed. Normally this wouldnt be too bad because at least my clothes were safe, except i bought this hat as well:

So my hat was smushed and smashed like crazy to the point that it is bent up into an odd position leaving it unwearable.

My question: is there a way to make it the right shape again? Wuld i maybe be able to iron in? If not, what should i do?

Any advice you have would be greatly appriciated!
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using 'cosplay' wigs with kodona/lolita?

i've got a rather odd situation going on right now and i desperately need to get this sorted before i dare make a fool of myself in

so i recently purchased a wig from cyperous' cosplay section and it happens to be a wig for Ao No Exorcist(Blue Exorcist), it's for the character Ryuji Suguro, and I was originally going to use it for cosplay purposes only, until I realized how awesome the wig looks on me. I'm a guy, and an aspiring kodona/aristocrat, and I can't for god's sake get my hair to cooperate with me enough to wear it with such an interesting style, but all the wigs i've ever tried on have looked odd on me, except for this one! the way the wig creates a 'faux hawk' look is really nice and flatters my face and even makes me look a little bit taller, so my question is, is using wigs that are originally meant for cosplay, despite not being 'too out there' acceptable? the wig sort of reminds me of the OTT split wigs that lolita wear, and i enjoy it because it's unique and has colors(blonde/black) that flatter me as well.


link to the wig:
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