August 4th, 2011

Identify this dress! :D

I'm going to buy a Metamorphose JSK from Dolly Poddle/dollyribbon. But before I buy, I'd like to see how the JSK looks in the body while wearing. Unfortunately, I can't find the name of this JSK. I tried both lolibrary and hellolace and I couldn't find. Collapse )
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Updated Request: Some Outfits to Wear at Disneyland and Universal Studios!

 Hey ladies! So I'll be heading out to beautiful CA in about 13 days *excited* and of course I'll be stopping off at Disneyland and Universal Studios!

I plan on wearing Lolita/Punk style the whole weekend, so as a request I'd love to see what girls have worn into the parks that have gone successfully without a hassle involved. I know this question has been asked many times, but all the post I could find were as recent as '09. So please any suggestions/pictures would be fantastic! I know Disney can be a real hassle sometimes but what about Universal? Details please!
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A little horrified by Custom House

So I've been searching for the perfect set of shoes to coord with my pink skirt for a while, and figured it was finally time to get some legit Lolita shoes. (If you remember, I posted a while back asking about a pair of Secret Shop shoes) After a lot of comparing quality and prices, I decided to go with Clobba Online and buy from their Custom House line.

...And now I'm really regretting I ever did.
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Recommendations or suggestions for sock coordination

Could anyone recommend or suggest a sock or stocking for a good coordination with the Bodyline Fairy of Forest JSK in black? When I posted a picture of myself of my Lolita outfit on my Tumblr I got ripped a part from every angle on my outfit. And instead of quitting Lolita all together like I wanted to in the aftermath, I have decided to try to improve to learn and move on. So I thought of asking you amazing girls because this is the main artery of western Lolita that I have come across, what would you use (sock and other things if you'd like to write more ^_^) to make a beautiful coordination with this JSK because I'd rather not get bullied again online for a outfit I was having fun and feeling beautiful in. I'm too old to deal with that lol. Thanks so much!

ok here is the picture.....please don't destroy me too bad

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Montreal RHS Sizing Question

Hello, I was wondering if someone who owns Montreal brand RHS in sizes 25 and 25.5 could measure the inside of the shoe for me. I recently bought size 26 but they are about a cm too big, so I'm leaning toward the size 25. My feet measure 10" / 25cm. Thanks for any help :)

EDIT: Thank you ladies! Based on the comments and my observations of my too large RHS, I will be ordering the size 25.

Question About Surface Spell Gothic

I tried using the search function but didn't really find anything helpful.

I was just wondering if anyone knows about how long it takes for Surface Spell Gothic to make a custom OP? Also, when I used the search function I did see someone post back in December that TaoBaoSpree (SS I plan on using) was no longer going to order items from Surface Spell. Does anyone know if that's still true?

Also, if anyone happens to have the OP, I'd love to know what you think of it:

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Utah Lolita Meetup Planning!

 In case any of you missed the goings-on, we have a new Utah Lolita Account:u_loli_2  . And it's much more active than the last community! We've had a few meetups (we're aiming for one a month), and are in the process of planning our September meetup. I wanted to put this on egl in case anyone were missing out!

Click the fake cut to go to meetup planning, and we hope to see you there!
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Melty Mermaid - Legit or Replica?

Hi all.. I haven't heard of any replicas of Melty Mermaid Princess being made, but this Yahoo auction is making me wonder. It's very low in price, and it looks super shiny. The ribbon color also looks a bit more pink than purple. Maybe it's bad pictures, but I saw a review of the skirt here that didn't make the fabric look nearly as shiny. Is this what the fabric actually looks like?

Edit: Solved! It's legit. Thanks everyone!
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Shopping in Tokyo

I've read the shopping guide in the memories by sumirechan, and I've read blondedebates's shopping guide, but I still have a few questions I couldn't find answers to and would be grateful if anyone could fill me in as it's my first time visiting Japan and I'm travelling alone so I'd like to know what to expect.

When shopping in Japan and you enter a store, will the clerk just say hello and then leave you to browse unless you ask for help? Or will they follow you around and try and help you anyway? I just get nervous as I'm a very shy person and speak very little Japanese so the thought of over helpful clerks kinda scares me ^^;;;

Speaking of which, I shall have a phrasebook with me and I've been trying to learn Japanese for my trip with Rosetta Stone, but if I struggle, do the clerks speak any English, even a little? I don't want to sound ignorant, but I'm scared I'll forget the Japanese I've picked up and the clerk will have no idea what I'm trying to get at.

And if anyone just has any little culture tips for me to keep in mind whilst I'm there so I remain respectful and don't put my foot in it at all?

Many thanks ^^