August 3rd, 2011

San Fran New People Lolita Store Closing?

I heard that the lolita store in San Fran is closing down and that in September they  will be entirely shut down. Is this just a rumor or is it true? If so, are they moving to another location? I didn't know where else to ask, and I thought this would be the perfect place. Thank you!
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Boater hat help.

I got this cute straw boater hat recently, but it seems a bit big. It feels like the slightest wind will blow it off. Any tips on keeping it on? I'm avoiding attaching a string/ribbon to have it tied under my chin. Thank you.
A Chipmunk

Otakon Photos! (BTSSB/Sixh/Indie Fashion Shows)

Good Morning! I have some photos and video I shot I Otakon, and I just wanted to share, and also to ask to see pictures and video taken by anyone else who went. (I realize someone posted video of the BTSSB show already, but still, I'd love to see what everyone has, be it from the shows, or general snapshots, or whatever)

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A new song called Lolita

So some singer (Sky Ferreira) released a song called "Lolita." I am certain she is referring to the Nabokov type, but the lyrics are innocent enough that if this music is your kinda thing you might like it.

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Personally I find her voice grating and yes, I stole this from ONTD. But I am always interested in anything to do with lolitas, especially if it takes hold in pop culture.


I'm having trouble getting lolita clothing due to funds. I have a job but saving for collage kinda cuts it a bit. I was wondering if there where any discounted or whole sale places to get it that have no relation to millanoo.

Please help.
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