August 2nd, 2011

Lockshop (and two smoking barrels), just opened and "promo" pictures

Lockshop (and two smoking barrels) is open for orders now!
Our facebook friends already got to order first last night, but now it's open for everyone!

Visit Lockshop wigs to see our first collection of Hime Gyaru wigs, we also have wigcombs available!
Like our Facebook page and get the 10% discount code you can use when you check out, this is available until this friday only!
Don't hesitate to contact us if you've got questions, suggestions or other remarks!


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Umm, hi.

 So I used to be on here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time.

I quit trying to do loli stuff. It really upset me to always be too big for my favorite pieces, or too poor.

I still can't get over it. I get really upset about it still.

Okok, so I realized sweet isn't something I like on myself. I have too much bust to get the look I like for sweet.

My true love always was classic. Absolutely. MM is so gorgeous!! I always felt it would be flattering on my hourglassish figure as well. 

37-28/29-37. My current measurements. A smidgen big for MM/VM, right? I see some things where "Oh, if I mushed myself into such and such I could..." But who wants that? I want my clothes to fit. Especially at the prices I'd be paying.

So, I feel pretty out-of-date, but any developments in classic that would fit me? 

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hello lace Forum

Hello everyone!

I'd just like to announce the opening of the hello lace forum!
It's located at:, and will serve as an extension of hello lace when it comes to questions, error reports, feedback, as well as for general lolita discussion.

Notice some forums such as most of the shopping category, and a few photo showcase sections, are not available to guests for safety reasons.

Hope to see you there!

* Posted with permission.
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In search of Lolita friends :D

Well hello, hola, I come in peace ^_^
I do not own any lolita clothing... BUT~ I do wish to become a lolita :D
Sadly or as far as I know there are no lolitas here in massachusetts(preferably in the Boston area). And if I had
a lolita friend to support me I think I would actually have the courage to go out in lolita clothing (once I get some) ^_^... I'm
interested in becoming a classic lolita! :D I seriously can't wait, but you know
what they say... the more the merrier! :^D

I have already checked the communities. But none of the communities in the U.S have MASSACHUSETTS as a state =_="
So if you're out there...
Could you please (don't tell me your address) but to tell me
Your name
Landmark near you

If there are any lolitas in Mass. please let me know! =D
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