August 1st, 2011

Wholesale lolita/decora/kawaii jewellery??

Hello ^w^! I'm Nekotron and my dream is to open a shop (non online) in my city in Italy. The problem is i want sell some very cute, sweet, lolita themed jewellery like sweets, bows, bunnies, alice in wonderland themed stuff, etc and also decora/very colourful jewellery in neon colors ( like the one you can see at 6% Doki Doki if i'm not wrong) and i want cheap or at least reasonable prices and i don't know to find them on the web. I don't know how to contact the manufacturers of the items... also why most of them are Japanese and i can't speak it. I'd like in alternative know some good chinese manufacturers of lolita-like jewellery (like the stuff you see on taobao). Sorry If i can result a little confused but i don't know what i have to do and planning to open a shop is a real hard deal and i have to think about it earlier for being well organized. I hope someone so nice can help me in this search ^^.

Milanoo / An*Tai*na tea party shoes?

Has anyone bought these? 

I checked the memories and I know Milanoo is horrid for dresses and skirts, but quite a few reviews say their shoes are good, I can see these ones are An*tai*na, so should I go ahead and buy them? I can't use Taobao or a shopping service because the shipping is just too high.

thank you to everyone for all the replies!! I have decided not to go with Milanoo 
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Fan Expo -Lolita Fashion Show- free day pass available

This year lolitas will be featured in the Anime Section of Fan Expo (just like steampunk is featured in the sci-fi categorie). We are getting a 101 panel, a fashion show & a photo op. All events will be on the same day, volunteers will also be entitlted to a FREE DAY PASS to the convention. You must however help out at the Fashion Show and the Photo Op.

I am looking to simply represent our community in Canada & USA.  We are looking for anyone and everyone. We simply want to showcase that lolita is accessible and for anyone.

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Any Questions please feel free to ask
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Lolitas in Space! Meet-up Photopost!

Yesterday the ladies of chigothloli who were not away at Anime Iowa went to the Adler Planetarium!

It was a pretty excellent day. We met between 11:00 and 12:00, mostly due to traffic issues. There was a Paul McCartney concert, a motorcycle parade of some sort, a Chicago White Sox game, police barricades on highway exits... a typical weekend summer day in Chicago! We all arrived and had an hour to stroll the museum exhibits before our show. I'm really bad at taking photographs, or at least remembering to take them, so I don't have many of the entire group together before we branched out. :(

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What is your favorite element in a Lolita dress?

  So, I am trying to figure out what part of a Jumper Skirt or One Piece Dress is your favorite.  For example, do you like your dresses to have waist ties and detachable bows?  Do you love circle skirts?  It there a certain design element that you love or even hate?  Pretend you are a designer and you are going to make a Lolita dress, what would be your design idea that would have to be in that dress?  Tell me, show me with pictures, and let me know.
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Pirate lolita from fanplusfriend?


I have recently started discovering the world of lolita clothing and I have finally decided that I would prefer to wear pirate lolita clothing rather than sweet lolita (which I had bought a sweet lolita dress from Bodyline).

I know that there are dresses from alice and the pirates and atelier pierrot which would fit the 'pirate lolita' style, however they are currently wayyy out of my budget...sadly.
The question is, does a dress like this one:

From fanplusfriend in the cream color (which has less flashy lace and such), really count as being lolita or is it just a cosplay...? I need advice, please?

Thanks for the help!