July 31st, 2011

Alice And The Pirates Scent Of Repunzel Sizing??

im sure you guys get annoyed by sizing questions bu does anybody who ones it can give me a measurement of your scent of repunzel OP. I've never baught anything from Aatp and im interested in getting it but i dont know how exact their measurments are , also if the dress will be too big.

i have a 31in. bust & 24.5in waist
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Tokyo Alice

Quick question: I was going through my saved favorites folder and running through my second hand brand websites and I noticed that Tokyo Alice isn't available anymore. Anyone happen to know what happened to them?


All I get is "this site is for sale" page. So I'm wondering if they have moved or dissappeared all together. :/

Lolita blogs

Alrighty, I'm well aware of the 'lolita blog fad' just as I'm always aware of the updated list (which is super handy) to keep track of them all. What I'd like to hear are YOUR thoughts on this 'fad'. Do you hate it? Love it? Don't care one way or another because you don't read blogs? I often read the advice given, 'you need to find a niche, do something no one else does!', well, given the huge variety of topics already out there is there something you have in mind specifically when you say this since I personally think everything has been done to death so many times that I really don't mind if bloggers repeat topics.

I'm not here to pimp out a blog. I just really love reading them and am curious to know how others view them as well.
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General - Lipstick


OK, so: all my Lolita (BtSSB, to be specific) socks have holes in the toe. Has anyone else found that this tends to happen? I ask because I've never had a hole in a sock before, unless I've had them for years and years and got significant wear out of them, which I haven't with these. I have walked for fair distances in them, but that's never caused a problem with my other socks. Does anyone else have this problem of Lolita socks being delicate? (Also, would anyone care to recommend how I can mend them? My AatP socks have just fallen prey, and they're my favourites D:)