July 30th, 2011

Mini-meet with typical Dutch weather photopost!

Yesterday we had a small meet in the north of The Netherlands, with 4 girls and 1 victim (boyfriend) we went to the Hortus.
The hortus is a botanical garden and also has a lovely Chinese garden!
As usual, the weather was bad, we've actually had the coldest July since 1909!
I hope that you enjoy the pictures despite the gloomy weather!

Chocolate.Disco shot a couple videos too, I will add them to this post when they're done!
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Size fitting and clothes alter advice

I've know about Lolita for a long time but only decided to wear it recently. After reading around in EGL (mostly) and some other places, I've come to conclusion that I should buy custom made clothing because I'm really tiny. But there are some brand pieces that I'd love to own someday so I tried to find solution for that and I hope you can help me.

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Question about sizing for btssb's babydoll-styled jsks on 'bigger-busted' girls.

I am planning on perhaps buying btssb's twinkle dreaming princess jskII - the babydoll one, which is assume is pretty much the same sizing-wise and Baby's other babydoll style jsks. I am pretty much smack bang on average 12C cup, which by western standards is not at all considered big-busted, but is pretty much on the borderline of not being able to fit into some brand clothes. I was wondering if any other bigger-busted or plus size girls have had any experience with btssb's babydoll jsks, and if you think it might be too small for me or look awkward. Although the measurements say they will fit me fine, I am concerned about the length of the bodice part, that it might be too short and therefore poke out funny and not sit right.

Any information you girls might have would be a great help.
Thanks :)

Sous le ciel de Paris

HIhi!! A lot of time...

I want to upload
some pictures I did in Paris. Taking advantage of me as an artist invited to exhibit in the Lolita Convention was held there the past 3 and July 4 ... took the opportunity to take some pictures for my collection of portraits. I hope you like them! Thanks for looking :-)

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