July 29th, 2011


Help a beginner lolita out?

 If this is not allowed, please feel free to remove it!

Hello! I've just recently re-discovered lolita and, more importantly, this blog,. Since many of you seem to be very experienced, I thought it would be a good idea to ask for some help before I go out and buy something I might regret due to poor quality, etc, and for advise on how to discuss the style with one's father (for I have a slightly different case than most)...

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h. Naoto Desginer Naoto Hirooka at J-POP Summit!

Are any of you Lolitas visiting the SF area during August 27-28? Are any of you h. Naoto fans? Then you guys might be excited for this!


It seems like h. Naoto will be replacing Black Peace Now on Oct. 7. They also will have a small pop-up shop during the J-Pop Summit festival. They are also calling for models and make-up artists for their fashion show event and, if you pledge at least over $20, you can attend a VIP party and meet the designer himself!

I may not have anything h.Naoto but I would love to meet him! I also want all of you to be sure to not miss this information and miss out!

If any of you are coming to visit the area, I would love to meet you!

Let me know what you guys think! Exciting!!
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Putumayo creates clothing line based on a video game?

So, I'm a pretty big fan of the "Tales of" series of RPGs from Japan. Normally this would have nothing to do with gothic lolita. But upon checking Abyssal Chronicles, a site that shows news and updates about the series, I found this scan, posted within the last 24 hours.
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According to this, Putumayo (and possibly Metamorphose?) will release 6 outfits inspired by the characters from the soon-to-be-released Tales of Xillia, the series' 15th anniversary game.

I am busy with work for the next 24 hours (either that or sleeping in preparation for the next shift at work) but I NEED to know the details of this scan. Is there a release date for these outfits? It never occurred to me to mix lolita with Tales, and so my mind has been blown. Once I get home tomorrow I'll try to translate the scan myself, but my Japanese ability is just over beginner at the best of times. Anyone with Japanese language skills care to help a fellow loli out a little?
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First coord

 I've recently put together a coord for an upcoming con I'll be attending, where I'll be meeting some other lolitas as well.
this is only for one day of the con since I'm cosplaying the other two days. I took some pictures in it before hand, makeup and everything and i'd like some feedback? I am a beginner after all ;3;

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Hammerhiroko shoes

I am interested in several shoes from this website, http://hammerhiroko.com/shoes.html
but I'm concerned about the price. I am willing to pay more to get high-quality shoes, especially since the cheap ones from Bodyline kill my feet. Hammerhiroko's shoes appear in the photos to be better quality than those from other Chinese sellers like ling_lam, but I can't tell if the quality is good enough to justify the price. Has anyone here bought shoes from Hammerhiroko? If you have, how comfortable and durable were they? 

If it matters, the styles I'm interested in are these:



And possibly these:


Anna House Problems with customized items


I've ordered some customized items by AH, but they sent me the wrong sizes and colours. They completely ignored all of my wishes.
Has anyone of you some experiences like that?
I asked them what to do and they want me to sent the items back and they'll sent me the correct ones. But how can I be sure that they wont sent me the wrong sizes again? And the biggest problem are the shipping costs. It would be so expensive to sent them back! Will they pay for the shipping? I'd prefer to get a refund or that they just sent me the items but  I don't sent the wrong ones back. Will they accept it?
I've already written an e-mail but it lasts soooo long until I receive an answer, maybe you like to share your experiences while I'm waiting :)

Photo Request: Dream Sky worn

I've done a search, but apparently there hasn't been much said about Dream Sky here.  I was hoping to find some pictures of it worn, or items of a similar cut worn by bustier girls.  I'm aware that that sort of cut isn't usually flattering on bustier girls, but there have been some exceptions, so I wanted to see for myself what it looked like.  Of course, photos of all shapes and sizes would be appreciated anyway. :)  Thanks!
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