July 26th, 2011

siamese redheads

San Diego Comic Con 2011 Meetup Video.

I just finished this and wanted to share. Unfortunately I had to compress it down quite a bit to upload it to YouTube, but I hope you enjoy. <3

I wasn't really planning to shoot that day so I hope the video isn't too disjointed or too wobbly. I need a monopod.

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Thank you to all the girls who participated and came out to the meet! I'm sure someone else will be making a large photo post soon.

edit HD version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di9zNNJri4Y
My internet blows so I had to go to my boyfriend's parents to upload, hah.

Pinterest! Easy Wardrobes and Wishlists

Just wanted to share a little find with you ladies. I was wondering how I could make both a collection of my current lolita wardrobe as well as craft a wishlist that would be a little more intuitive than listing items out by name or collecting them on Amazon. I wanted to be able to see all my items at once in order to do visual comparisons as monetary ones.

So, I found Pinterest. While this site can be used in a manner similar to Tumblr or WeHeartIt, it's also very well suited to listing clothing items. (Or any kind of wishlist, really.) You can "pin" the picture of an item you want, and then tag it with price as well as whatever else you'd like. I personally tag the price, type of item it is, the brand, and the colorway I'm interested in. Here's an example of my wishlist. Could use it to keep inventory of items you already have as well, and show off your items.
Didn't mean to sound like an advertisement, but I thought you ladies and gents might appreciate this.

Lolita In Frankfurt (Main)

Hello!) My name is Sophie (or Karin XD), now I going to stay on Bad Homburg till the end of August)
Actually I would like to ask if there going to be any lolita meet-up held nearby?)
If it's possible I would like to visit it with great pleasure)
And yes, i will CosDay too)

Thanks in advance!)

List of Lolita Brand Blogs

I made a list of the Japanese Lolita Brand Blogs for my local Lolita Forums. Since I've been told it was the more complete they saw, I thought I could share it here. I'm sure it will be useful to some of you.

I'm totally aware that I probably missed some of them. Any addition is more than welcome. ^_~

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For those who would like to have some brand blog Feeds on their f-list, there's a post about it by icecreambat from 2007 I found on EGL while making sure I wasn't posting any old content.

Brand blog feeds

Edit: Well, I didn't search hard enough. I just saw 9 posts below mine, heartsnspiders's yesterday post about Lolita Blog List, including a link to meiki's June 2010 post listing the Lolita Brand Blog.

Should I just erase this post? Or keep it since some Blogs address changed?
Colorful Paris Windows

Majors and Studies

I've been wondering about the Loli perspective on a non-loli topic. College, studies, and majors. I've recently been considering going back to school for a new major.

I want to know about those of you who are going (or went) to college. What did you study and what did (or are) you going to graduate with?

I graduated Community College with a A.A.S. in Photography in 2009. Recently I've been considering going back to school for a 4 year degree since my 2 year degree in Photography has taken me nowhere. I've been having trouble choosing a major, currently I'm mostly leaning toward Women's Studies, with a minor in something relative to that field.

Some new items were added to the summer sales for BTSSB/AntP and IW


Some great bargains like:

 http://innocent-w.jp/shopping/sale_e.html IW has added some more 30% off items and scroll down for the 50% items.

 And here are a few more sites that still have sales going on:

I have already blown my budget on sale stuff and Lucky Packs, so I can only droll at this point. Anyone still in the buying mode?