July 25th, 2011


Paypal account limited due to "replica" flag

Hi all,

Just a short note - if you are buying something from our sales comm, and are buying replicas or knockoffs or anything of the sort, please don't title your transactions with the word "replica" or "counterfeit" or related.

I've just been contacted by Paypal, and my account has been limited because I just cleared a transaction on the sales comm that involved some replica shoes. My buyer had unwittingly titled the transaction with the word "replica". They sent me a long email telling me that I was not allowed to trade and transact counterfeit items, and demanded some details regarding the transaction. I also had to "sign" an electronic affidavit to show that I understood the agreement and would no longer deal with counterfeit products.

I've since emailed them to tell them that they were shoes that I obtained from Taobao and was reselling cos they didn't fit me.

I'll update as the situation moves along.

Edit: My account was reinstated the very day that I sent along all the required info, without any other investigation. It seriously puzzles me why they even had to flag my account in the first place, if they were just ready to take my word for it.

Lets make a list. FOUND

LJ is taking so long to load today

Because of this (and because I got most of the day off) I decide to blog brows some of the designer blogs. Now that i'm done w/that I would like to see some of your lolita related blogs. 

Here is Mine. It is very new so doesn't have much, but feel free to add my poupee. I am very much looking forward to seeing yours 
Thank you so much and happy Blogging!

*** EDIT****
The wonderful meiki has generously provided us with a list! Thank you!

Tea Party with Kanon and Lolita Fashion show at Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan was a busy time for us London Lolitas!

Two Tea Parties with Kanon Wakeshima and Two Lolita Fashion shows were organized.
I'm wondering if anyone from EGL was there onstage or off or anyone who has any more pictures of the event.
We also got to see Kanon Wakeshima perform live and there was a BTSSB stall there.
It was organized really well by Tania aka pixie_late and I hope we can have more events like this in future!~
You can read more about it here: