July 24th, 2011

Whitby Gothic Weekend October 2011 Meet-up

Dear All,

A while ago I posted about a meetup at WGW and asked what people thought or would like to do. A few people mentioned that they'd like to help. This is probably really stupid of me but could those who said they were interested in helping please send me a PM, as I'd like to get some final decisions made.
Sorry again if this is a little lazy but the post was a while ago and I've lost the link.
Anyone who is going to WGW for definite,, please leave a comment.

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Lolita in Zelda.

 I'm a large fan of the Legend of Zelda video games, yet it only occurred to me yesterday, that there was a lolita (or at least lolita inspired) character in one of the games.


I don't know if anyone would actually care, but I just thought that it was quite interesting (as well as a pretty co-ord :P)