July 23rd, 2011


Cos&Effect fashion show in Vancouver, BC- Looking for models!

Hi guys!
So there's going to be a lolita fashion show at Cos & Effect convention in Vancouver, BC and we need models!
purinyappykura and I are going to be the primary organizers. We're looking for representatives of all the styles.
What we'd like to know is:
-What outfits/styles you can do
-Can you do your own makeup and hair, and possibly help other participants if needed
-Whether or not you have anything you'd be willing to loan us to fill out the show (clothes/wigs/accessories/whatever)
-Things you might need

Please contact us at this address: coseffectfashion@gmail.com.

Using this form: 
Desired style(s):
Outfit description(s):
Can do own hair/ wear wig:
Can do own makeup:
Can help others with makeup:
Items you might be willing to loan out:

And we'll review your application and get back to you!

Thanks <3

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Site Testers needed - anyone willing to spend $3?


I'm just finished working on my webstore but I'm not quite sure it's 100% functional. I did as much testing as I could myself but before I go running off linking every where I wanna know if the checkout process works. So far I have it set to paypal only (because I don't trust this freeware credit card codes yet) and I tried to set my own shipping by weight system to match the USPS rates.

All I'm asking is if there is anyone interested in buying an item or two to see if there are any bugs, and to figure out how this system works. My items are not at all expensive so this should not be a bother to anyone who finds something of interest. . .

. . .
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