July 21st, 2011


Corsets for Lolita For Plus-size girls?

Is it a good idea? Especially for us plus size girls with a big bust? I would like some opinions as I'm a plus-size girl (who is slowly slowly losing some weight) who wants to add more Lolita outfits to my closet but seriously contemplating getting a corset.

Do you think it'll look weird on a plus size girl wearing a corset with Lolita?

Gothic photoshoot

I am editor of czech online lolita magazine and for the gothic issue we did this photoshoot with my friend Shana. Unfortunately you won´t be able to understand a single word from the magazine, because it´s whole in czech language, so I will show you only the photos :)

EDIT: Uch, stupid me, I forgot to write that I am photographer, not the model, the model is my friend Shana, one czech lolita, but she doesn´t have active livejournal account.

I know it´s not an usual gothic outfit, but I thought this Putumayo dress would be perfect for this location and also... you don´t see a lot of red on gothic lolitas and that´s pitty :)

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Bodyline shoes

Hi, let me get to the point
I want these shoes

if the link doesn't work it's shoes176
I'm between a 7-7 1/2 in shoes but sometimes i can fit into size 8 because my foot is wide.
so what size should i get?
thank you in advance
i just don't want to get the wrong size and hate myself forever ;3;

Need Some Feedback

So I've been working on my lolita blog a bit and have decided to start a new series, but I need some feedback on what people would like to see.

If you could please check out my recent post and comment either here or there (there would be loved to get  little more action there) about any suggestions or thoughts that would be a great help! Thank you everyone!

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