July 20th, 2011

Kawaii Factory Giveaway



Hi there!
I'm very happy because my blog have 400 followers! So I want to invite all the egl community to enter!
The rules are easy!
Visit my blog and follow the rules
The ending date is TUE 26th. Winner will be announced on this blog.
This giveaway is open to everyone!
Good Luck!
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AP and Paypal moneypaks?

So I am going to be ordering a pair of shoes from AP's international webstore and when it is time to check out it goes to Paypal but since I dont have a credit card (and debits haven't been working on PP for me T_T) I will be using a PayPal Moneypak. To get to the point I just need to know if AP accepts Paypal Moneypaks? O: 



Everything is here! :D + Anna House impressions (positive experience)

Finally, the long road to completing my first coordinate has come to an end. Everything has arrived, yesterday with the arrival of my hairbow purchased from a fellow egl user, and today with the package from Anna House arriving!

So today the mailman came up bearing a package...

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Another Gothic Lolita Wigs Post

So, I've been searching for wigs recently. I'm looking for ones that are suitable for everyday and lolita use.
I've purchased from Cosplay Wigs USA/Gothic Lolita Wigs once before when it first opened, but since then there have been some negative reviews. I'm just wondering if there were only a few problems going on, or MAJOR problems.
I'm really interested in the new Farrah collection, and the natural-coloured split bobs. If anybody purchased one of these specifically, that'd be superrrr helpful, but any recent review on them is very VERY appreciated.
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Show me your wig styling skills!

Hey ladies,

I'd really love to see some tutorials or photographs and hear how you've modified your wigs - more specifically the popular clip-in dual pigtail wigs [such as the MintyMix sets] - I'd love some semi or non-permanent styling ideas, as I'd prefer [as tempting as it is] not to rat the entire thing out into some impossible-to-detangle-but-awesome fuzzball. I'm running out of ideas.

Please? <3

I searched the comm. and memories to see if there was a post like this to no avail, so I hope I'm not being redundant.

black SS tea party shoes

Hi everyone!
I was wondering if any of you have pictures wearing black SS tea party shoes? I looked in the memories and typed black tea party shoes in the search bar on daily lolita, but didn't get the results I wanted. (DS posts?) >: So, if you have pictures of the black tea party shoes IRL, I'd love to see them!
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Hello Lace Looking for Wardrobe Staff

Hello there everyone,

I'm looking for 1~5 people who can help us with updating our wardrobe section, starting Aug~Sept. We'd really like some help, as we're only two updating the wardrobe now, and there's no way we can keep up with all newer releases. ^^,

You will be free to choose which brands you prefer to update (not including: AP, BtssB, AatP or Moi-meme-Moitie).

To apply, we would like you to...

♥ Have enough time on your hands to update your brand(s) weekly.

♥ Be able to read Japanese, OR know how to do basic translating with the help of translators and dictionaries.

♥ Be able to know how to use some type of graphics software, such as Photoshop, GIMP, Corel PSP etc. Your skills should include the basics, such as image resizing and basic editing. I can offer help with anything Photoshop-related if needed.

As for the updating, you will be using our self-designed admin panel, which is estimated to be completed by Aug~Sept. All new entries will be moderated before submitted, as a security measure.

Thank you!