July 19th, 2011


Hoopskirt/Crinoline question.

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has made a boned hoopskirt/crinoline before?
Like the one here: http://gloomth.com/k27.html or here: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-2078/Gothic-Steampunk-Full-Birdcage/Detail
I want to make one but I'm unsure how long to make each length of the boning.
I ran a search on google and on here but I couldn't really find anything that answered my problem. Is there a particular calculation for it?
If it's any help, it will have 3 hoops and I have a 25 inch waist.
I've also posted to sew_loli but I thought I might have more luck here since I came across posts about them (just not about this particular thing).

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks! :)

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Tartan Skirt Coörd. question

I really love the AP toy fantasy Tartan skirts (any colour) but can't seem to find any picture of anyone wearing it or in a coord or something. Can someone maybe help me? I'de really like that (It doesn't need to be this tartan skirt in particular, any Tartan skirt will do :) )
tnx in advance...

Best/Favo Bodyline prints

I have seen the new Bodyline print with the squirrels and I don't really like it.

I'm more into the 'sweets' prints, like the soft ice cream print, cream cookie and the macaroon print.
I really love these prints. I also like the Balloon bear and Chocoberry print.

Bodyline isn't really a Lolita brand, but with the new prints and all. I really became fond of their products.
They really stepped it up a notch. I think they are coming out of there shell.

To bad that Bodyline have such ridiculous pricing. If the product is good then it sells itself, whatever the price is.
So they tend to begin with very high prices and then drop when the product doesn't sell.

But back to the prints, I was drifting off there :P

My question is:
1. What it your favourite (top 3) Bodyline print?
2. What is the best Bodyline print till now?
3. What is your least favourite Bodyline print?

My Top 3 bodyline prints:
1. Soft Cream
2. Creamy Cookie
3. Maracoon

What I think is the Best print: Soft cream, cus I never have seen something like it.

Least favourite :
so sad, It could have been a very nice print. A bit like Wonder cookie, but this is a disaster.