July 18th, 2011


ATTENTION: Regarding Kyodomo

Attention to anyone who is still owed a refund from kyodomo .

Some of you may be familiar with the incident in 2009 which culminated in 30 or so girls being owed items and money from the seamstress Kyodomo. As far as we are both aware, there are still some people out there who are owed refunds. Kyodomo wants to start making amends and refunding those who are still owed, so please, if you are one of those people get in contact with me. I would ask that you please do not start bombarding Kyodomo with messages as this is going to confuse the issue, but rather if you can PM or email me, I will add you to this list. Please contact me with the following:

LJ name:
Item purchased (do not worry if you can't remember):
Amount owed:
Method paid with/email address used for paypal:
Rough date of transaction:
Paypal address you would like to be refunded to:

Do not worry, I will not share your paypal address publicly. If I do not start recieveing replies, I will personally try and contact people I think are still owed money, so if anyone else could name some people they think still need to be refunded, that would be helpful. I've created a rough list of names of people who were waiting on items in 2009, to help keep track of things. Please let me know your status.

colortheory  - [owed $95]
etsplanations  - [owed $72]
lolita_reeh  - [owed $60]
nymia_san  - [owed $75]
eiskobold  - [owed $48]
yuffie_star  - [owed $50]
kwanboa  [Refunded - unconfirmed]
sleepingapple  - [Refunded - unconfirmed]
aliknyankochan  [Refunded - confirmed]
darkstoryqueen [Refunded - confirmed]
nanaberu - [Refunded - confirmed]
listerinepree  - [Refunded - confirmed]

Rocking Horse Shoes

I searched the memories and found nothing on this.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing rocking horse shoes in most of your lolita coordinates opposed to wearing other types of shoes?

I've heard some lolita saying, "I can't wear them for very long" but other than that, information seems scarce.
I only found one post on anything to do with RHS and that was about brands and different soles.

Sachiko x

How would you decorate your place?

I was wondering if anyone here has or would decorate there house with a lolita style in mind?
All lolita styles are fine (I would prefer Classical myself) and if you have pictures that would be awesome too! =3

I am hoping to get a place soon with my boyfriend and I would love to decorate my place to have a lolita atmosphere to it. I know antique furniture is a main item but I would prefer to take the furniture I already have and give it a nice feel.

Please and thanks everyone

Where to shop in Ottawa?

Hello everyone!

On July 29th or 30th I'll be going to Ottawa for the first time in years with my friend. The last time I went I was really young, so there definitely has to be lots of great shops and places I don't know about. So I was wondering if anyone knows of some lolita or loliable shops I should check out. Any recommendations for other places to go to are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance, I definitely appreciate any help!

ATTENTION HOUSTON LOLITA's summer meetup plans :)

In regards to the summer meet up,

albinomonkeyc and I have decided on the first or second Friday in August at around 3pm at 3 possible locations. Due to their hours, the Royal Tea Room is out (unless anybody really wants there)


+ Ooh La La Sweets (thank you h_i_m_e_s_a_m_a)
There are 2 locations, take your pick.


+ Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique (thank you tanaraza)


We need answers ya'll!!! Please? .
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Unicorn in Bloomland Reservation Help!

 Has anyone received notification yet about the BABY's Unicorn in Bloomland reservations? I’m a bit worried since I haven’t heard from them in almost a month! I reserved them in store at BABY in San Fransisco, people that reserved them online in the Japanese site already has received them! I just might be overreacting, but still anxious!
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Contacting GLB?

 Does anyone know the contact details for the japanese publisher of Gothic & Lolita Bible? The only contact address I have is glb@indexcomm.co.jp and I haven't received any replies for it (yes, I'm writing in Japanese). It's a matter of copyright permissions and media use. Thanks!