July 17th, 2011

  • xaynie

Stepping Down as a Mod

Hi everyone! Life has been pretty hectic for me so I've been able to fulfill less and less on my modly duties. Because of this, I am stepping down as a mod. It was fun helping out around here.

Even though I am not a mod anymore, I will still be here every once in a while. Thanks to everyone for helping me during my modly days!
Redhead goddess

Question about BB/Beblesh Creams

Has anyone tried BB creams instead of foundation? I'm trying to achieve that dolly-porcelain look but I have HUGE pores and very blotchy-red skin by my cheeks that foundation (I've tried all kinds) either makes very apparent or accentuates wrinkles I didn't even know I had!

Also, is BB cream only effective/pretty for Asian skin, or can it work for Caucasian skin as well, and will it destroy my skin from constant use? Suggestions, stories and brands are welcome--thanks again!
rarity stylin

The Otakon Lolita Fashion Show needs YOU! [crew member call]

We've asked for models and designers; now we need crew members! This means helping with hair and makeup, zippers, shoe buckles, pinning, and other miscellaneous help that designers may need. This does not mean being a gofer for the designers, so you will not be getting coffee or anything, no worries. To apply to be crew for the Otakon lolita fashion show, please fill out the form located here.

All comments are screened! Thank you so much! ~♪
wonder party

Gothic & Lolita Psycho

hey everyone, I checked through the memories with no luck :(

I was going through tumblr and happened upon this picture, and it got me wondering what ever happened to this movie? imdb says it was released 2010, but did it ever get subbed? if so, does anyone know where to get/watch it?

thanks! <3

edit: kanzashi_hime found it on youtube, in 5 parts, otherwise you can buy it at best buy or b&n!

Possible Meetup This Coming Sunday?

Hello egl!  While I was at the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, Indiana I was talking to a girl working at FYE.  She told me that there is going to be a cosplay event on the 24th, which is of course this Sunday.  I was wondering if any local lolis wanted to have a small meet-up/gathering there at the mall on that day.  Yeah, I know Loli isn't cosplay, but hey it's a day where we can be ourselves!  I'll be there, if anyone else wants to come! ^^
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Dyeing white lace black

I am looking to make myself a black blouse but it is very hard to find good black lace in the shops near me. There is plenty of really beautiful white lace, so I was thinking of buying some and using fabric dye to dye it black. I have never used dyes before and am not sure how well it would work and if it would run in the wash etc. Has anyone here ever done this?
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