July 16th, 2011

Headbow help

Hello lovely ladies, I've been looking for awhile now for a good head bow, one that would go well with the love nadia dress from bodyline. I have the dress in baby blue and I've been looking for quite some time for a head bow that matches the color scheme to this dress and I still can't find one. Anyone who knows love nadia knows the color scheme to that dress is baby blue, cream and brown if anyone knows where I can find a head bow to go with this dress please let me know and please be understanding to the fact that I'm posting as a last resort because I really can't find a matching bow anywhere. Thank you.

Newbie Question?

I was wondering how you know what kind of style you want to dress in because i really like he sweet lolita stuff but I don't think i'd look very good in it.My cousin also says i'm not pretty or cute enough for the sweet style. I'm at odds can anyone give me any ideas? Oh I'm also 14 years old if that helps...

Lolita in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

 I searched to see if this had been posted under a few terms and didn't find anything, but we all know how well the search function works so I apologize if this is a repost. 

My younger sister plays Nancy Drew games on the PC and informed me that the one she's currently playing, Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge takes place in Japan and has a lolita character named Yumi. Apparently her outfits are supposed to be reminiscent of Angelic Pretty and she makes bento boxes and has a pink apartment. 

I've definitely seen worse portrayals of lolitas in Western media, so I think this is actually kind of cute. 
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Square necklines

I have searched the usual places and while I have found a few choices, I hope perhaps there are some offbrand shops out there that can be recommended. I am personally not a fan of blouses with peter pan collars, and while I will wear high neck collars (which are somewhat easier to find), what I really adore are square or round necklines. Imo these necklines are flattering on all bust types (especially if you're less than well endowed), but I'm having great difficult in finding shops that sell them.

Perhaps there are some places I have missed? :)
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Wigs ?

So i've spent the last 5 years trashing my hair with bleach and dye.
honestly, i've been dyeing my hair since i was probably around 10,
starting with streaks and whatnot.

anyways, at 13 i discovered the unnatural colours =P
long story short, i could never make up my mind,
and my hair has never grown past my shoulders due to damage xD

i'm tired of the constant killing, and i want to keep my hair black and grow it out.
BUT i'll get tired of it and want platinum, gray, pink, blue, purple, etc.

i'm sure this question has been asked before but maybe there are new brands ?
what are your favourite wig brands ?
quality vs price, natural vs synthetic, easiest websites to buy from ?

if this post isn't allowed, i apologize, and feel free to delete.
thankiies lovelies ! <3
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San Diego Comic Con meet up?

Hello everyone!

I know that there was a meet up last year at San Diego Comic Con, but I was wondering if there was one this year? I searched the community but all I got were posts from last year. I'm new to the community and I have been working hard on my outfit so I really was looking forward to meeting people this year. Thanks for any information you have! <3
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EGL craft exchange SHIPPING reminder

Hello Lolitas!
Just a reminder, the shipping deadline for the egl craft exchange is on
July 20th
That's FOUR days from now ^-^/ 
The only egl-ers I have gotten pics from are:

Remember, please PM me a picture of your exchange item. When your partner has also PM-ed me theirs I'll give you the 'okay' to ship. This is to avoid egl-ers sending out items and not receiving one in return. ^-^

PLEASE do not be late. If you're going to be a bit late, please PM me or drop me a comment here with the subject  "late"


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