July 14th, 2011

Lolita Event at Atomic Lollipop in Toronto

There's a brand new convention going on in Toronto at the end of this month called Atomic Lollipop, and I thought I should post about a particular event they've decided to hold that's pertinent to lolita fashion.

It looks like they're hosting a Canada's Next Top Lolita runway competition. There isn't too much information posted about the specifics of this event, but they do have an entry form for those who might be interested in participating.

I would say this'll be a relatively small con since this is just the first year, but nevertheless, it's exciting that they're putting a strong emphasis on fashion right off the bat! So if any lolitas are going to be in the Toronto area on July 30th, please consider coming out and participating in their event. :) It should be really fun!

Hello There!

Hello there, my name is Ruth. I like Classic Lolita, so i've been thinking about trying it out. Anyways, I've finally scourged up enough money to try and think about a JSK. Here's the one I like: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/photos/l429-2.jpg
What sort of blouse would go with that (I'm not stupid enough to think that it comes with it... I hope)? And at $37, would it be a good starter piece? Thanks in advance! :)
EDIT: Here's what I've learned!
-Off White Peter Pan Collared Blouse
-Flower Brooch
-Black Flats?
And that comes up with a total of... $56, I believe? I own most of these things already. Thank you so much for the help!
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In The Starlight petticoats

 So with the return of ITS I took a look at their shop and I'm quite interested in the petticoats.
I've read in the memories that their petticoats used to be really good but unfortunatly I can not find a review with pictures.
Basically I was wondering if anyone had ordered a 'new' one yet and took pictures of it :)

(Also, has anyone ever bought something from Etsy and got customs?)