July 13th, 2011

Shipping question!

I ordered from taobao not to long ago and Lucy contacted me telling me she received the items. As many of you know, EMS can be quite expensive. China post is cheaper, but it will take over a month. Have any of you used China Post? Should I use it or stick with EMS? 

Items: 136 USD
Shipping: 86 USD

EDIT: I live in Sacramento, California. United States
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BODYLINE review (not pleased in different aspects)

So I ordered from this blouse from BODYLINE on the 3rd of July. (This is also my first time directly ordering from BODYLINE and also note, I chose EMS shipping)
I got my tracking number, etc. the 4th and I just got my package today.

**EDIT: This isn't much of a review, I guess it's more of a horror story

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Pregnancy and loli-wear !

Hello loli-lovelies =3
i'm not sure if there is anyone out there who can give me advice from personal experience,
but i'm 18 weeks pregnant,
and I definitely don't want to have to wait another 4 1/2 months to indulge in all the prettiness of lolita =P

any recommendations as to better style options, or stores that cater to pregnant lolis ?
or even post a picture of a dress you think could work.

i am about a size 5 US right now, pretty tiny when i got preggoo,
and i've actually only gained 4 pounds in these 4 months.

any opinions or suggestions would be amazing ! <3

Bodyline Review

I just recieved three bodyline dresses and wrote a review about them. I hope it will be informative. I also read a few posts down about the girls ripped BL package. Mine was also torn open but surprisingly no damage was done. (Good luck other BL buyer I hope you get justice for it!!) 


Enjoy :).
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Looking for a word...

So sometime last year, around the beginning of the summer (Probably around late May - early June) there was a post made and either in the post or in the comments, someone coined a word that meant something along the lines of "one who is attracted to lolitas" (sort of like how the phrase "cougar" is used to describe older woman attracted to younger men or "chubby-chaser" can be used to describe someone attracted to plus-size girls. These are just examples, of course.)

By chance, does anyone remember what this word was? For awhile, I saw people using it on personal blogs and other posts here, but eventually it died out and I can no longer remember. I'm mostly asking for curiosity's sake. :3 Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!
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ap tea party shoes

Im not sure what to do...it seems like ive lost the ankle strap for the tea party shoes. Is it possible to get a replicate somewhere or should i just replace it with something new? Or maybe even a new shoe even hough that is expensive :/

Also something totally random, but i'm a proud new grandma! My babies have had their first litter..and i am so excited! Not even 3 hours old! <3 lol rat babies i mean! <3
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