July 12th, 2011

Hi :)

Hello! I'm new to Livejournal/Lolita/EGL, but I really like it (I hope I'm posting this in the right place >.< I read the rules, but Livejournal is a bit confusing to me). I'm saving up my money to buy my first lolita outfit. The reviews on here were very helpful, too!
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Marby drawn Kyra

Hyper Japan, London 22-24th July

Hello everyone! pixie_late will be making some more exciting announcement closer to the time but I just want to notify you all about the up and coming Hyper Japan event happening in two weeks time in London!

As well as performances by Kanon Wakeshima and a Baby the Stars Shine Bright stall we've been working hard to put on as many lolita-relevant events as possible!


Bring and Buy Stall

We've created a stall at the event for lolitas to sell their brand, off-brand and good quality homemade clothing shoes and accessories. Take your items to the stall and we will display them for you absolutely free! We have an exciting selection already (just see our facebook page!) but if you have anything to sell please email bringandbuy@hyperjapan.co.uk with the following information:

Full name:
Item description:
Happy to let people try on Y/N: (we'll have a changing room/corner and mirror there)

When you're leaving just swing by the stall again with an official form of ID (no NUS cards please!) to collect your takings/unsold items


Fashion shows!

Saturday: Cute and Colourful! 10.00am
Sunday: Elegant and Sophisticated 11.00am

Some of the UK's most stylish lolitas will be strutting their stuff on the catwalk at the weekend! Apologies for the very early timings >_> can't be helped! If all goes according to plan we should have

Audience prizes and special guests (TBC)

so it'll be worth your while getting up early! Remember that queues can get long so buy your tickets in advance and get there in plenty of time! (we'll be holding off the start time on Saturday for as long as possible to allow lolitas to get in and take their seats but we only have a limited slot on the main stage until the next event).

Hope to see you there! Please say hi if you see me!


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Need your help for a class project !

Hello lolitas !
I'm actually working on a short magazine for my studies, and I'm looking for a HQ picture of the Horoscope print in cream and lavender for my cover.
If you own this dress, it would be very kind of you to take a picture of the print (the same kind as the one shown here).
If you want too, your name can appear in my work ;)
Thank you very much for your help !

Innocent World Lucky Pack B Revealed

After some patient waiting the lucky pack I ordered from Innocent World arrived yesterday! This is my first summer lucky pack from them, so I had decided to go with the smaller of the two offered which was pack "B". I have tried their Winter season LPs before, so was quiet excited to give the Summer pack a go.

Okay, enough babbling for the moment, let's get on to the pieces over at my blog!