July 11th, 2011


Please place images larger than 400x400 pixels under a cut

Hey guys, I'd just like to make a reminder about rule #4:

Images larger than 400x400 pixels must be placed under a cut, and please, no hotlinking!
Not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, the layout of egl will not retain it's intended shape if images above 400x400 pixels are posted. Please place all larger images, and any image after the first, behind a lj cut. Images, including artwork, should be of good visual quality. Images should not be hotlinked. This community is large enough to take down a website with low bandwidth if an image is linked from that site. If you wish to display an image in your post from another website, please use your own webspace to do so. There are various free photo-hosting websites available if you need them.

Pretty much every day I'm seeing someone break this rule and I'm getting so sick of reminding people I can barely be bothered anymore! Not following this rule stretches the community layout and it looks ugly. Please respect the community rules. Thank you!

Where to buy GLBs in GTA area (Toronto)?

 i used to buy the gothic lolita bibles from the Silver Snail comic book store, where they sold the japanese ones.. im open to either japanese or english ones.. but i cant find any and i like to look through the bibles before buying them :(

would any lady know where to get em around that area?

Thanks so much


Important changes to eglfeedback

Important updates to eglfeedback.

After receiving some suggestions for eglfeedback , we took them on board and have created new feedback forms. There are now separate forms based on transaction type, as well as other adjustments. Please gives us your feedback on the new forms before they go live. One thing I know people took issue with was the wording of 'Accuracy of estimated shipping time' misinterpreting it as delivery time rather than if the seller shipped the item on time. I couldn't settle on a better way to word this, so if you have any input, do share.

Clearing up about providing the URL & Sort by poster.

Most of you have been doing great with providing the URL in your feedback, but a small group of people still voice discontent at having to do this. I would like to state once again why we decided to make this mandatory. Our feedback system is abused too much. Numerous people have left fake feedback, and way too many people leave feedback for transactions which did not take place on egl_comm_sales . I know it's a shame to have a few bad eggs spoil it for the bunch, but the good news is LJ recently implemented a sort by poster function. This can be found on the home page of every community by clicking filter. Now it's super easy to find old sales posts!

Anyway, onwards to the new forms! Credit goes to kyrosis  for doing this :)

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Canadians !

I know Canada has a decent loli fan-base,
but just curious if any of you lovelies are from Vancouver Island ?

i'm living in Nanaimo currently,
and it'd be nice to meet some girlies from local areas =3
especially since i'm fairly new to the area, and to lolita haha.

Redhead goddess

Adventures in Altering!

Two years ago I got a white, princess seam dress for Christmas from FanPlus Friend. As gorgeous as it was--it was way too long! (It seems the people at FanPlus Friend believe that all Westerners are all very, very tall.) At that time, I was terrified to alter it, because I didn't even know how to make a gather. :D Thus, I haven't worn it!

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