July 10th, 2011


First Lolita Dream

 So I had my first Lolita Dream. It was very off but still kind of interesting and since I dont have many friends that also like Lolita, Here is the only place where people would actually enjoy my sharing of it. Soooo.....My dream.

I was walking around Walmart with my hubby and we were looking at shoes. To my surprise there was some Angelic Pretty shoes. Kinda like this www.jp-stores.com/rc/we70613/ but with a little heart on the side that had AP logo. I looked at the price on the bottom and they were $25... My hubby told me I couldnt get them so we went on to the toy section. Well there, there was a large selection of BJD parts and accessories. There was even a service desk that would put the parts together for you and do face-ups. I made a comment to my husband that I really needed to save up $200 for a full service doll. We walked off and my dream as cut off by the ringing of my phone.  

So ya Just thought I would share this with you girls and frankly I would love to have those prices on those things in real life. ^_^  Feel free to comment and also I would love to hear other Lolita dreams you guys have had. <3

Presenting my brand Asfixia with a photoshoot :D


Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Laura (a lolita from Argentina) and I'd like to introduce my new lolita brand to you.
Sewing has been my addiction since 2009 but I needed to learn and practice a lot to become a good seamstress so I had to wait until now. I'm a graphic designer too, so I usually mix design and sewing.

And now... What better way to know my brand than through some pictures?

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I'll give you a cookie if you can spot what's wrong...

So my favourite JSK of all is the "Rose Melody Song of Swan Lake JSK" in red, after not being able to find one anywhere I decided maybe I should just order it from Qutieland.

Browsing the pictures I see one of the fabric in black.


Can you see what's wrong here? Or is it just my imagination 0_0

So...If I want to order this dress, should I specify that I want it done correctly?~

edit: fixed ^_^
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Hey Houston Loli's, where ya'll located?!?!

*also posted on Houston Community*

 So nomnompiez and I are trying to plan a meet up before summer ends and realize that downtown is a stretch for most of us and also realize that weekends are our best bet. So lets find a central location where we all don't have to drive a million miles, shall we? 

Possible Places!!

The Cypress Tea Room!! Uber loli but I'd like to get a reservation just to be on the safe side. www.theroyaltearoom.com/

If there are any other suggestions, let's hear 'em!! I'd like to do this before we split on our separate ways and some of us head off to college.
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Thank you so much guys ;A; It's a bit early to respond to everything so I'm posting a BIIIG~ thank you right here.
(>3< p.s. I feel sorta like an idiot, I should've waited to cool down to write this, my dad's a good guy, and was just worried for his youngest daughter. Who lacks much common sense about 85% of the time.)
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**Edit: THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who helped me out by providing feedback. I've completed the skirt - at least for now. I'll be sure to post photos of it's debut at MiniComi at UBC in about a week and a half! If you'd like to see it now, you can see my post over at Sew_Loli!**