July 9th, 2011

Lovely lolitas...Help, please? ^-^

Hello, my name is Teikou. I just started here, and I would like to ask for some help...please help me with online shops for good lolita dresses for the complete beginner! I know about bodyline and a few other stores like that, and I know to avoid Milanoo like the Plague. :) That's about all I know, shopping-wise.
I would also like to know if there's anyone around Indiana (probably not, but it's worth a shot...)
I like Hime, Sweet, Shiro, Kuro, Guro, Kodoma, and Gothic, but I'm open to anything! ^-^
Please help me find my first lolita outfit! 
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What your BF/husband thinks about your Lolita fashion?

 I have heared story that BF doesn't allow the GF to wear it or doens'nt want to walk by her side when she is wearing Lolita. I think they find it 'weird' or not normal. Or BF just don't like it and want nothing to do with it.

I would like to know. What your guys/husbands think about your Lolita fashion and specially - what he thinks when you are wearing it?

I have a boyfriend that doesn't love it, like I do. But accepts me as I am. He doesn't have problems walking aside me when I wear Lolita.
That really give me confidence when I wear Lolita. I'm very proud to wear Lolita and love to wear it. I'm happy my BF thinks the same when it comes to being proud with what you are and what you wear.