July 8th, 2011


Hair tips?

My hair is... a pain.

I have pretty thin curly hair that is naturally a very dull blonde, but I've been dyeing it a dark reddish-brown for years now (which looks good with my eye color). I've never really tried to style my hair, more than just using a lot of goop to keep it from frizzing wildly and turning into a gigantic curlyfro.

I'm not really sure what to do with it. I've never seen a lolita with hair like mine before. I'd like to find a big pink bow on a headband to go with my dress, but I'm not sure what to do with my hair. Leave it down? Put it in pigtails? I can't really do much else with it, really. There's just not enough of it, damn my thin hair, for any elaborate styles.
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Curiousity killed the cat

As I'm looking at pictures, I often stumble across the name "Le Carrousel" as a brand name for jsks, skirts and such.. I tried looking for it, but I've had no luck so far (I tried, search here, too). Is it an indie brand or something? I really liked the pieces I saw. Are they still making stuff?

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Peiticoat Question

Hi everyone. I had a question I was hoping to get help on. I checked in the memories, but none of them suited my question.

I bought a (BtSSB) dress with a skirt of 21 inches in length.  I found a petticoat (At this website) with  length options  either 19.5in or  23in  with a 2in adjustable waist (to raise it up by two inches). So my question is which should I get? The 23 and raise it up? or the 19.5? I'm just wondering if the skirt won't "drop off" on the 19.5 and look funny... (It's my first dress/petticoat so I've no idea what looks best/right).

Thanks for your help!
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Stretching SS Tea Party Shoes?


I recently bought a pair of Secret Shop Tea Party shoes in a size M (23.5cm) (I normally wear a EU 38), and it ends up they're just a tad too small. My big toe is rubbing against the top when I walk, but not bending it, so I was hoping maybe I could stretch them out a little bit. I have rather narrow feet, so it's a perfect fit besides from my one toe.

I'm wondering if anyone had success with stretching SS Tea Party shoes, or would this be a futile attempt?

Thank you for your help. <3
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washing question

I was just curious because ive never seen this question come up before, but i have a white pair of baby lacy wrist cuffs that are more like antique white now, and a pair of black otk socks with lot of lace at the top from angelic pretty. Is it safe to wash them in the washing machine? Or should i hand wash them?

Note: i live i an apartment building and i dont hav my own washer and dryer so all i have to use is my apartments crapy quarter accepting machines which only has two cycles-whites and colors :/
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These shoes are boring!

I find lolita shoes boring.

Don't kill me! But lately, I just find them to be the most uninteresting part of an overall coord. You generally see the same shoes over and over. I'm not criticizing others for that - far from it, because I have the same shoes too. x_x And they're boring.

So I thought, does anyone here have some pictures of themselves wearing non-traditional (or just interesting! XD) shoes with a lolita outfit? Basically anything other than the standard Bodyline/replicas/brand shoes?

Obviously I know that certain shoes are frowned upon - you don't see sneakers and flip-flops that often in a good coord. But recently I stumbled upon a picture while doing some Google-fu of a lolita wearing Rilakkuma slippers (see the daily_lolita post here), and I was like, holy cupcakes, that's frigging cute! I wanna do that! Lolita shoes aren't the most comfortable things in the world. I've come home with swollen and sore feet after almost every con I've gone to. I'm not saying I'm going to give up on my "regular" shoes forever, and I know some lolitas might frown upon this, but...I just feel the need to switch things up or do something a little fun and different.

INSPIRE ME. I've got the shoes blues. :\
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A Lolita's Ideal Match?

I'm getting curiouser and curiouser wondering. So what is your ideal type? Be it physically, visually or personality-wise, who's your dream guy/girl? Do you have your dream guy already? Many may say 'kodona'/'prince', but I also expect other interesting responses. Images/epically detailed descriptions of your dream boat are always welcome. Have fun with it.

and Happy Summer Lovin'!

BTSSB Summer Shoe Lucky Pack

My lucky pack arrived in the afternoon and I was excited.
It was my first time ordering from BTSSB and I was hoping not to get pink nor sneakers but to my dismay... I got both. :(
To me, this is a very unlucky pack. Maybe its because I emailed BTSSB about my order and they decided to give me all Pink Shoes.  It has been a while since I heard from them, and I thought my order might have been cancelled.  Honestly, I don't think I will be ordering from them again.  The pink dotted candy shoes are cute, but I don't think I have anything pink to coordinate them with.  As for the cherry pink sneakers, I think I might not be able to pull it off.
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Question about Measurements

Hi everyone! I have a quick question about measurements. When given a measurement for "length" on a jumperskirt or one-piece, where is this measurement beginning? Is it at the top of the bodice of a dress, or the straps? Or somewhere entirely different? Thank you!
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