July 7th, 2011

Make your own custom prints! =D

Have a special print in mind, but lack the means to bring it to life? spoonflower.com is a site where you can easily design your very own fabric on the cheap!

I must admit, I haven't tried this site, and can not vouch for it; but it looks legit! I would, but I don't have photoshop,a decent camera, or scanner. When I can, I hope to make a my little pony print.

Someone please try this and report back!

ps: sorry for the lack of tags, egl's glitchin. Won't let me upload pics either =(

Giant Bodyline Review ~ JSK L348, Skirt L325, PAN033 +

I hope this review will help some lolita shoppers ^^".
(Apologise for the terrible terrible photos ><" )
Feel free to ask for better photos?


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Packages from Japan Not Entering Canada?

Two weeks ago, I ordered a package from Bodyline. Today, Bodyline gave me a refund and said that I would not be receiving my package (cue major *sadface!*). From what I've gathered, this happened because of the backlog of packages at Canada Post. Has anyone else in Canada experienced something like this since the strike finished? It makes me really nervouse because I bought a few things off the comm sales and am in the process of ordering something from IW, and now I don't know if my purchases will ever get here or not ._.
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Milanoo has invaded youtube!

Or just one song i guess.

So i went to go listen to gothic lolita by emilie autumn. (which i know she's not lolita because of this one song i just hadn't listened to it in a while and wanted to hear it.) And on the bottom of the video there was this ad for milanoo. Then pretty much right next to the video was this ad.
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I seriously want to shoot them in the face.

Cause seriously that song isn't even about the fashion it's about the other type of lolita.


Edit-Thanks for the tags.
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Average lifespan of clay jewelry?

I have to admit, even though I love some of the clay jewelry I've seen girls here wearing/selling, so far I've avoided buying a lot of it because I'm afraid of how well it's going to last. So I thought I'd just ask a quick question about other people's experiences with it: how easily their pieces have fallen apart, etc. It might seem like a silly question, but I've heard a mixture of positive and negative things about it, and I wanted to hear a few more opinions before deciding whether or not to spend a fair amount of money on some new jewelry.
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Taobao and Shopping Services?

 Mkay. So I'm really sorry if I'm blind, but I've been searching egl and the memories for like 2 days. I was wondering what the difference is between the two and how they work? Sorry, I'm pretty lost on the online shopping part of things because my wardrobe is pretty small, ect. Like, I have no idea how to even work pp when it's not through ebay. xD So yeah, any help clarifying this would be AMAZING. Thank youuu. 

Canotier Survey

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I was very pleased with it and thought others might like it too, so I thought I would sell these. I want to know what you think of it before I begin selling them so I can assure customers a product they will like.

Here are some pictures of the construction:

Here is what it looks like worn:

After looking at these pictures, please tell me your opinions and preferences through my survey, or ask questions through comments.

(Please note that this is a prototype. The final product will differ slightly, but in a good way! I plan to put fabric labels over the stitching on the comb, once I decide on a name and label type.)

Do you like the Canotier?


What colors do you want me to make besides white roses x white lace?

Black Rose x Black Lace
Blue Rose x Black Lace
Blue Rose x Blue Lace
Pink Rose x Pink Lace
Pink Rose x White Lace
Red Rose x Black Lace
Other (Please comment what Rose and Lace color you would like!)
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Dear Celine Sizing Help~

So I want to order a dress from Dear Celine, item.taobao.com/item.htm this one, but as you can see, they only give bust and length, but I'm a bit concerned :/ my bust is 93cm, my waist is 72cm (in the morning, 75 after eating for the day), and waist to knee is around 60cm (shoulder to knee is 90cm). But I don't know if I should get L or XL! I know the XL gives more room in the bust area, but I don't know if it would be too much and look funny, but the L is cutting it a bit close, since it seems that those are the garment measurements, not body, but I don't mind if the chest is a little tight, since  I'm used to that with most of my clothes, as long as I can get it on, I'm usually fine, and would prefer a little tight to baggy. But which one I get depends on which one will accommodate my waist the best. So those who have an XL or L dress from Dear Celine and feel that their dress fits nicely, would you mind helping me out here? I would hate to order it, but have it not fit when I get it ;A;

(just looked back the the dress, it seems that there is only a L available, but I would still like to know which one would fit better for future reference and to see if the L would fit, since there's only 2 left in the color I want, and I want to act quick)
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