July 6th, 2011


Question about wigs.

I was wondering if anyone knows any good places that sell wigs like these online? Preferably a webshop that is within the US, but I'm not sure at all if there is any US based ones around. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Newbie needing some input for my new skirt design!

Hi, I'm looking for some input on the skirt design that I've posted below. I want a really cute look to this skirt, but my last attempt wasn't a true lolita look. I would like any kind of input on the design. The back is very simple with a few buttons up the middle of the waistband, but other than that, is the same as what you see here.

The colours are not set in stone either, other than the patterned fabric, which is the actual fabric that I'll be using (though the pattern is slightly smaller than what you see on the example).

The music note on the side will be an extra piece made of foam or some kind of craft material and will hang from two loops, one on the back and one on the front. It will probably hang from a chain, but possibly pearls or beads.

The black part hanging from the waist, over top the pattern fabric, is there to make the dress look better on my body (I don't look good with gathers right at my waist), but if it looks out of place, let me know.

Please ignore the sketchy bust and legs - it's there only to show the size of the skirt.


**Edit: Thanks everyone for your input! It was EXTREMELY helpful!! I've decided what I'm doing and will post pictures so everyone can see the final product!!**

Older Lolitas?

I'm not sure why, but one of my fears now that I'm getting into lolita, is finally feeling "too old". I know there isn't an age limit on being a lolita, but it's just one of the unexplainable worries of mine :P I guess it's because I never hear of, or see pictures of girls who are (or at least look) over 30 at meetups etc. I know I have a long time until I'm that age, but y'know ^^

So, my question is, how old is the oldest active lolita you know? And by active I mean dressing lolita regularly, attending cons/meetups, being active on the boards etc. Just to ease my mind a little bit.


Thanks ^^

petticoat for AP dresses

 Looking at some angelic pretty dresses, I've noticed how poofy and bell shaped it was. Does this depend on what kind of petticoat you use. 

I've recently taken some interest in to F+F petticoats but would these petticoats give you the poof for AP dresses.

Mary Magdalene Elodie JSK

For anyone who owns Mary Magdalene's Elodie jumperskirt, does your belt's sewn sections look like this? You can see the section on the right is sewn differently than the section on the left (and there is another section I couldn't fit in the photo that is sewn nicely just like the left section). I believe my dress was a return since it had been sold out and then popped back up on the website after a week as this one color being in stock, then was sold out again after I purchased it. I just want to check if they are all sewn this way or not.
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Ottawa Lolitas

 Hey there I've been trying to get in contact with the Ottawa (and surrounding area) lolitas with no luck. I am planning to go down to Ottawa from July 16th to July 19th/20th. I was hoping to do some shopping and check out some cool spots in Ottawa. Are there any lolitas in that area that would like to plan an small meetup?
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Lolita Tea Party at Otakon

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Looking for something fancy to do outside the convention this year? Dress in your best and come to the tea party at the Explorers Lounge! This party is hosted by American lolita brands Morrigan NYC, I Do Declare, and Perianth, as well as blogs Tea, Love, Crochet, and Moss Garden, so there will be small gift bags for everyone attending, in addition to a raffle prize. ♥ As far as the tea itself goes, the Traditional Tea consists of scones, petit fours, finger sandwiches, and a pot of delicious tea (choose from Vintage Darjeeling-Black, Chamomile, Earl Grey, and Wedding tea). See the Explorers Lounge website, the Brightons website, and the afternoon tea menu for more information. Vegetarians can be easily accommodated if they let me know when reserving their seats.
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Picture request!

I have a skit from VM, with the famous umbrella fabric. (I don't even know what it is called!) But I was wondering if anyone had some coord shots, either magazine or personal. It's just a new type of skirt and a new colour that I wanted to try out...
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Thanks in advance for your help! ^^

What was your first lolita wig?

Hi, so I recently got my first lolita wig :D And I was wondering what you guys' first wigs were? Or if you don't own one, what kind of wig would you like to own? This is just a bit of fun ^^ I hope this is an okay subject for a post... :/ Also, sorry for the lack of tags - it wouldn't load!

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This post now contains 50% more usefulness! (Edit: pictures now added)

After almost four years of lurking around the internets, loli photo blogs and looking at pictures of beautiful clothing that I'd never be confident enough to wear in public, I finally just said screw it and took the plunge today. :)

I'm syn. I'm new to lolita fashion, and something of a newbie, actually. I've always loved the look of lolita fashion, especially sweet lolita--I'm a sucker for tooth-meltingly adorable clothes. :D Never been actually adventurous enough to try wearing it in public--but I figured, being an enormous tech nerd and engineering major, I don't have enough feminine hobbies anyway and people look at me funny to begin with, so why fight it? :)

I bought my first dress today, a pink and white jumper dress from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright boutique in San Francisco. Sort of an impulse buy, really... my partner and I went there to window-shop yesterday, and I saw an adorable dress from last year's line marked down 50% off. And it actually fit me! So I bought it.

Now I'm trying to put together a complete outfit, and I'm a bit overwhelmed... most of the searches online I made turned up this community as a great resource, so I'll be doing a lot of reading here!

As many people have already mentioned, this post needs to be more useful than it is. So I'll ask some questions. I bought a dress, but the store didn't have any petticoats in stock. I'm also looking for the rest of the outfit, but I suppose it would be easier for people to answer this question if they knew what my dress looked like.

I've already found Sweet Rococo's website, and they have two different petticoat models that have different shapes. I'm wondering which one would be best for my dress, since I can't actually try them on.

I'm also in dire need of a place to buy shoes that are big enough for my feet and aren't of horribly low quality. It used to be possible to find simple round-toe Mary Janes, but that fashion seems to have faded. My shoe size is 10.5 US, but it seems to vary a bit depending on manufacturer. Some shoes I can wear size 10, others I need a size 11, but most it's 10.5. It's a hard size to find for anything, but it seems even harder for lolita style shoes. Most of the websites I have found are either very shady, or only go up to US size 8.5... much too small.

Sorry for my reading fail. D:

Pictures of the dress, so that recommendations might be easier:
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Tennessee Meetup Reminder

Hi everyone! :D The Tennessee community is not very active, and hasn't had a meet up in a LONG time. So I decided to post a reminder here for there is a higher likelihood that is seen. Also lolis close by in Alabama, Kentucky, or those just visiting are welcome too! The meet up will take place on July 9th, at 12:30 am at World Cup of Tea in Franklin TN(which is near Nashville, and not to far from Murfreesboro)
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