July 5th, 2011

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I dun goof'd

Sorry guys! Last Friday was actually the first Friday of this month, and I totally forgot to post the Free for All! I blame the fact that it was Independence Day for us USA folks! Please answer the poll below so I'll know what to do to make it up!

How should we make up for the missed FFA that was supposed to occur last Friday (7/1)?

Make up for it ASAP by posting it on 7/5 or 7/6 or 7/7
Make up for it by posting it this Friday 7/8, and move the Friending Meme to next Friday 7/15
Don't make it up. Continue as scheduled
Thanks guys! And sorry again for dropping the ball! 

blogswap thread!

Hello! I hope this is an okay topic to base a thread on...

I just made a new lolita blog and made my first post! I'm interested in seeing you girls' blogs too, and your favourite ones. I'm mostly after Blogger/Blogspot ones so I can follow them and not have to use Tumblr... I just don't like tumblr. ;-;

Here's my link: http://spitting-rainbows.blogspot.com/

Thanks guys!

EDIT: Due to timezones, I was in bed while you guys posted! There's so many people to reply to, I thought I'd put here that I'm following everyone who posted and everyone who posts in future. <3~
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Redhead goddess

Question about Secret Shop pretties

Hello ladies, I had a two questions about Secret Shop if you would be so kind. I looked through the memories and did a search, but wasn't able to find the answers I was looking for, so forgive me if I missed the entry. :)

I came across a pair of these lovelies on Taobao:

...And was about to go about ordering them when I realized they only came in a very, very small size and that size only. They are only listed on the Taobao page as 'S Roman shoes' and are attributed to Secret Shop. Anyone know whether these were a one-shot deal and now unattainable--or is there a way to get a hold of them?

Also, I noticed that when I went on the Secret Shop Taobao, Judy has only tube socks listed in her shop, and I couldn't find any shoes. Did she stop producing? Or am I just looking through her shop the wrong way? If she has stopped producing, is there anywhere else I can purchase SS shoes?

Thanks for your time and have a lovely night!

F+F Secret EGL Stalker EXPOSED!

I think that it's really good that companies take EGL seriously. It's good market research to find out what your customers really think about your product, but I find it immoral to try to change public opinion with secret spies...

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F+F what are you doing?! This is SLIMY! IF YOU ARE DOING MARKET RESEARCH THAT IS ONE THING. BUT DON'T TRY AND UNDERHANDEDLY SWAY PUBLIC OPINION BACK IN YOUR FAVOR. IF your going to stalk EGL please don't post with out truthfully saying who you are.

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Kanon Wakeshima at Hyper Japan: Secret Discount for EGL Members!

UK lolitas, are you excited about Hyper Japan yet?

I'll be there with Wasabi Records, Kanon Wakeshima's official European distributor. Being a lolita myself, I wanted to be able to offer fellow egl members a little extra at our stand.

Did you know that as well as being a musician, Wakeshima is a talented illustrator? We'll be selling her illustration booklet for £8 to regular attendees, but you can get it for just £5 if you say you're from egl. :)

We're also having a signing at 4pm on the Saturday of the event, so you can have your illustration book or CD signed by Wakeshima herself. She says she's really excited about the event and is looking forward to meeting you guys at the stand!

AP: Chess Chocolate Series

So is Chess Chocolate going to be the new "must have" print, or is the print just bastard child of Melty Chocolate and Meta Chess Party and Bodyline Clock?




And what's up with the recall for Melty Chocolate?

http://www.angelicpretty.com/news.htm  (bad Google translate says something about the "race" not being color fast ?)