July 4th, 2011


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Poll #1758796 (First time doing a poll, bear with me if I mess this up)

Assuming it is done well, how short can a skirt be and still be considered Lolita?

No more than a couple inches above the knee
Nothing above mid thigh
As long as it can hold poof, it's ok
I've been around Lolita for a while now, though I am not the most active. It seems to me lately there has been some confusion over acceptable skirt length in lolita, as evidenced by the most recent loli_secrets. While debating it with some other users over there in the comments, I decided it would be better if I actually asked here instead.

I don't think there's any sort of magical loli-guru who gets to decide what is or isn't lolita, but it's really more of a consensus from the community. When there are any cultural changes, from fashion to language, it's usually because it has an influence over the majority in that culture.

My personal belief is that anything more than a few inches above the knee would be considered more ero, but anything above mid thigh should be right out. What do you guys think?

Where to buy detachable collars & cravats?

Recently, I saw a detachable collar for sale on the comm_sales and looked up some posts about it, which all basically said they were rather obsolete, and major brands don't sell them a la carte anymore. But if they're floating around, then maybe there's a hope that they'll be reintroduced?!

So, does anyone know where can I find some to buy? Or commission, if possible?

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Custom Fabric Printing in the UK and EU (market research)

Posted with permission of harukoko 

 I'm trying to set up a UK based digital textile printing company (I'd also be able to have fabrics delivered to people within the EU) similar to companies like Spoonflower and Fabric on Demand.
I'm currently in the process of applying for business loans and start up grants, but I need some market research to say weather or not people would be interested in a service like that on this side of the world (one of my main reasons for wanting to set this up in the first place is to minimise the postage and possible customs fees people in the EU currently have to pay to order custom fabrics), and having seen how popular Spoonflower and FOD are with Lolitas who make their own clothing, or have small inde brands I decided to ask the EU based Lolitas of the comm for your help in this.
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Tips for super-sweet?

Hey! I'm a relatively young (13 years old) lolita aiming for a very sweet look. I don't have a full coord yet as I've gotten into the fashion very recently. I have an AP Marchen Ribbon (white/pink) JSK, a Marchen Ribbon white/pink hair bow (side-bow? Alice bow? haha), a Candy Violet short fluffy petti (it just arrived today-- omg it gives my jsk SO MUCH POOF, I wore just the jsk and some pink kneesocks and black Mary Janes and the bow out for a quick errand. I just felt so PRETTY even though the outfit wasn't very coordinated, haha, I PLAN TO FIX THIS) and some white kneesocks and pink over-knee socks. I'm going to go thrifting for blouses tomorrow and I'm sure white Mary Janes can't be THAT  hard to find.

But, I'm wondering-- just general tips for a coord with a Marchen Ribbon JSK? I want it to be REALLY SWEET, like over the top sweet haha. If it helps for hair accessories, I have short blond hair. And any other dresses or things you could recommend for a sweet lolita trying to figure out what's what in the style? I already know stuff like super-puffy skirts are great, it's best to use light/pastel colors, cute prints, etc. but any further tips or info would be great. I'm not really sure I want to wear a wig on a daily basis, though. Oh! Oh! Makeup tips would help too! Thanks so much! Sorry if this was tl;dr or rambly. ♥
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dead bear, NO BEARS

What do y'all think this means?

Who else that is following the Baby San Francisco has seen this?

I am quite certain that I've seen that logo before and will feel a complete fool when someone else says, "oh yeah, that's ---- brand" but I can't figure out what it is and google doesn't help much when all I have is an image.
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