July 2nd, 2011


Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates at Otakon 2011

Otakon announced that Baby and Alice and the Pirates designers Masumi Kano and Mitsuba will be appear at Otakon this year! They will also be hosting a fashion show.

Otakon guest page: http://otakon.com/guests.asp#Kano

Fashion Show page: http://otakon.com/events_btssbfashion.asp

I probably won't be able to go to the events since I'm on staff, but figured some people here might like to know!

ATTN: Malaysian Lolitas!

 This is to all Malaysian lolitas interested in doing a photoshoot!

Long story short, I have been helping a young man on DeviantArt to learn what is and is not proper Lolita. :) I help mod a Lolita Fashion group on DA and he submitted a few things that weren't quite the lolita silhouette, so I have been helping him.

However, he is from Malaysia and would like to photograph some of you ladies who are certainly the real deal! I'm so sorry if this sounds weird...he's not a creep or a pervert or anything. He is just genuinely interested in the fashion and is a very skilled photographer. When I explained to him what was wrong with the photos he submitted and why they didn't fit the lolita silhouette, he was very gracious and asked me more questions about what makes a true lolita outfit. Apparently he had no idea we had so many rules. ;)

I checked the Malaysian lolitas comm but it seemed inactive...so I hope posting here is okay!

His DA is here: http://www.zerocomrade.deviantart.com. You can send him a message! Or, if you don't have a DA, just let me know and I can get him in touch with you through mine.

He is located around Petaling Jaya, Sunway.

Again, thank you. :) 

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I think many people know that i love to post off brand and non loli brand shoes (well i used to make epic shoe posts... it has definitely been a while). Today I found classic shoe nirvana. They are pricey, but look exceedingly well made, and every time i have purchased a pair of expensive Spanish shoes i have not been disappointed. So I'll post one teaser image, but do check them out.

Eat your heart out Victorian Maiden ;)
Kim Myoung Jae

AP USA vs AP Overseas Reservation Availability

I'm looking to reserve a set of items from the chocolate chess series, but it would be cheaper to have a shopping service order it for me in AP's San Francisco branch. I noticed however, with Toy Fantasy, all the items didn't seem to make it to reservation in the states. The selection of reserve items on AP's SF website was smaller than what (I saw) was available in Japan.

So my question is: Does the AP USA branch and branches in Japan have equal access to reserve items? Knowing this would help me decide whether to use an overseas shopping service or one in the states. Those in the know, thanks in advance for your help :-)

A little bit of fun: You know you a lolita when...

I've recently moved out of my house and had to pack most of my clothes away in boxes. It then occurred to me that packed my only brand skirt badly and can't stop thinking about it. It a little silly as I know how to launder quality garments myself (having studies textiles for nearly five years now!) but it still haunts me!
I'm just wondering has anyone else had embarrassing moments like this? Silly little things that make you realise that you a lolita (or been one for a long time)?

So here is my thread to make a list of "You know your a Lolita when". Please add your own. XOXO

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