June 30th, 2011

Camilla d'Errico Iguana

Baltimore, MD Lolis?

Hello, lovelies! I was hoping I could reconnect with some Baltimore Lolitas that I met two years ago. A group of lovely ladies and a gentleman were gathered together in the Inner Harbor, and I wanted to know if anyone recognized themselves from a picture we took?

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The Otakon Lolita Fashion Show still needs YOU! [Designer and model call]

Hello egl! The Otakon lolita fashion show is still in need of designers and models. Unfortunately, Otakon has contacted us about the name of our previous community name with some vaguely threatening messages re: copyright violation. We have been forced to move to ota_lolitashow instead.

If you applied before, no worries! I have manually moved all applications to the new community and screened them as before. Otherwise, please apply at these new posts:

The model application form is now here, and the designer application form is now here. All comments are screened!

That's all there is to it! ♥ Thank you very much!

Metamorphose Summer Lucky Pack

Normally Meta would send me a tracking number but I'm assuming they got overwhelmed with orders this summer for the lucky packs. This is actually the first time I order from Meta the summer skirt lucky pack since I don't have many skirts in my closet. I'm quite happy what I received in my skirt lucky pack but not sure about the socks or the pink necklace since it don't really go with the outfit. Also I wasn't expecting to receive two bloomers but its good that they were both different colors. I'm not sure about the cutsew either since I was hoping for the blouse instead but its different.

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