June 29th, 2011

Montreal Shoes in Hong Kong

Hello everyone~ So i went to hong kong last year and i went to Argyle Centre and found this shop that is full of Montreal shoes(rocking horses), the lady said she would be moving though. Does anyone know where they have moved to? That will be very helpful since i will be leaving to hong kong soon! :D Much Thanks~<3 

lolita in Taco Bell commercial ?

I'm 99.9% sure I saw RinRin in a Taco Bell commercial tonight for their new XXL Grilled "Stuft" Burrito.

It happened quick but was a weird moment of recognition in an unexpected place.

edit: just found this... http://ameblo.jp/angel-rinrin/entry-10409047933.html
which seems to mention her talking in the commercial but in the version I saw it was just a flash of her face with no dialogue and her blog entry was old so maybe they recycled footage?

edit 7-6-11: Saw the commercial again with the full dialogue tonight. Seems I was right about them recycling the footage from 2009 commercial. It's segments of people around the world eating it and speaking with subtitles.It shows her with the guy sitting at a table in their home (like the snapshot in the blog at the above link). They speak in Japanese and the subtitles claim he says "crazy american burrito" and then she says "what a monster!".
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Loli? Or ugly?


So I'm thinking of this dress, but since I'm still abit new to Lolita I don't know. I'm having mixed feelings part of me wants it cause the blue in my opinion is adorable, the other half is like hmm would I wear this out to the mall ? 
So I'm just wondering on your opinions? Is this cute, (Yes I plan to wear Lolita day to day when I can)
Thank you :)
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Pinky Deer

[ dearie @ am2 & anime expo 2011 ] lolita, decora, & spank! styled accessories

Hello all! I can't believe it's been a year since I made a very similar post back in 2010.

Since I will representing dearie for my 3rd year in the Artist Alley at AM2 Convention (Anaheim, CA) and Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) during this weekend, I thought I'd give those attending a heads up in case you want to drop by, take a look, or just say 'hello'!

Above: Booth photo from 2010 -- still
have to figure out what the 2011 booth is going to look like!

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Celga Question

Anyway I few months ago I bid with a deposit of 60$, on a dress using celga, and lost. Today I placed a bid for 120$ but have not paid yet realizing they never sent me a refund!! :< I don't want to pay this deposit thinking they will not refund it! Will they penalize me in some way if I don't pay the deposit? I want to assume they just let it go, and dont bid for you.(I sent then an email explaining the situation. And also said I would be willing to just pay 60 now and they would not have to refund me.)Thanks to anyone who helps clear this up for me! :)