June 27th, 2011

How to lolify a bunk bed.

Currently I am cleaning my room and am really tired of the decorations. To get myself out of my slump I decided to clean and decorate my room. I'm going to go with a cute kind of lolita theme of the summer colors. The problem is I have a bunk bed, the kind with the bottom part knocked out to make a desk. I want to make it cuter with adding a whole bunch of stickers or sticky things (It's hard to get off and annoys my mom). So any suggestions on how to make a black metal bunk bed just a little cuter, without doing anything permanent.
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Please help me find Victorian menswear designs

I've been trying to design a Victorian outfit for a male character of mine, but I can't seem to find any interesting and nice looking Victorian menswear that I could use as inspiration. I've tried finding images of Victorian outfits for men on Google images but they seem so boring and plain.  I've tried looking through the history but I've only came across only one link to a blog that seemed to suit my interests but I need more!
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Usakumya 2009 version?


I was wondering if any fellow lolitas bought an usakumya rucksack in 2009? I tried checking everywhere but I can't tell what size was released in 2009!

The one I'm talking about was the largest one available in 2009 at baby sf! I personally think it was the medium that was released... But I can't figure it out!

Thank you!