June 25th, 2011

Look what I found! :D

Pink Candy!

It's a Japanese web-store that sells bags, wallets, and other accessories that works flawlessly into sweet and (maybe) classic lolita wardrobes. It's very gorgeous stuff, go look! The only thing is I don't think they do international shipping.

I haven't seen this being posted before so I thought I''d share. Have a good day!
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Costume design help?

 Hello! I'm new so I apologize in advance if anything about this is somehow against the rules..
I am new to Lolita in general.. I've always liked the styles and have a few characters that are meant to wear the style, but  I fear since I havent really made any in-depth looks into the fashion that some are inaccurate..

Image under the cut, its rather large..
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Taobao Custom Size Shopping Service

Hi everyone..

I would like to buy some things off taobao (I have fallen in love with the dream of lolita wonder cookie op) and just wondered if any of you could recommend which is the best shopping service to go with for custom sizing ?

I'm thinking of using either TaobaoSpree, TaobaoNow or Qutieland and just wondered if any of you had any experience of ordering custom (particularly plus sizes) from any of them.

Thank you..


PS. I know that Qutieland are more expensive but  I am willing to pay a bit more if their custom (plus) size ordering is really good.

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