June 24th, 2011

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Help! Not sure what to wear with an all black lolita dress

Hi! This is my first time posting to EGL, and I was hoping if I could get some help. About 2 years ago I bought an all black lolita dress, not knowing what lolita really was at the time. Now that I'm getting back into it, I'm starting to like sweet lolita more than gothic. Is there any way I could make a black lolita dress look more appealing, whether it be altering the dress or adding accessories? (I don't care if by doing so makes the outfit more gothic, i'm open to anything!)

Picture of the dress:
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Drawn by the totally awesome bberrie

Shops in Hong Kong?

So, me and my friend are planning on making a trip to Hong Kong next year.

We are wanting to plan now so that we can get everything sorted to what we want to do.

Is there any lolita shops in Hong Kong? and are there some nice places to go there that anyone would suggest?

Thanks :D
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Anna House

Hello ladies, I have a little question to you all. Has anyone ordered from Anna House lately? I've sent them an email order over a week ago but still haven't received any reply - I tried both their addresses. Does somebody know what could be the problem, or had similar experience?

Lolita and Dreadlocks??

I've been wanting dreads for about a year now, because I think it is at a good link to start. My hair has grown longer than it was before, it barely touches my shoulders. And I am very curious of how lolita looks with dreadlocks. Does anyone have dreadlocks? Or would it be better without dreadlocks. I know it is a huge comitment to get dreads, but I'm in love with them so much! Any advice? and if you have dreadlocks post pictures please! Thanks ^ ^
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Pochette Poll

 I just finished making some pochettes and I would love your opinions!

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EDIT:  Thanks for the input about the straps!  I completely forgot to mention them XD
I realize that most people won't like them, I just put them on as my personal preference.
If/when I sell one of the pochettes,  I will offer a simple smaller strap option as well.
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Where is a good place to buy Lolita hair accessories that aren't to terribly expensive?

I can't seem to find anything that is just simple and will work with multiple outfits. All I want is a good hairbow, I tried buying one from Bodyline but I can't figure out how to wear it for the life of me. ( It's supposed to be a bow, but it's just.. weird. ) This seems nice, but is it to costume-y? http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=ghat&subType=headdress

None of Bodyline's other hair accessories really appeal to me.. and I really can't find anywhere else to buy from. Angelic Pretty's prices on their hair accessories aren't THAT bad, they are within what I would pay for them, but is there anywhere else that is a bit cheaper? I just want a simple bow or headdress..
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What not to wear, and their anti-lolita actions.

I was browsing online looking for references for my last blog post, when I came across this article. The article is a review on an episode of What Not to Wear called "Lexa the Weird Lolita". I read it out of curiosity, and I was outraged! The told her she didn't understand the "sexual connotations" of her fashion and call her a "Kinky Bitch". Which I cannot believe they got away with! In which the article says is all about the book Lolita and the anime/manga community (which apparently is all sexual too, cause every anime out there is porn *rolls eyes*).

After Lexa gets really mad at them for insulting her fashion, the article acts like she is a indecisive, ungrateful brat.

They go on to throw out her wardrobe, and put in clothing that she didn't like! Yes, THEY THREW OUT HER WARDROBE. Literally, threw away all that expensive clothing! And all though I admit she wasn't the best at coordinating, they had no right to do what they did!

Here are some videos from the episode. They piss me off, to say the least.

Okay, enough of my ranting. What do you ladies (and the occasional gentlemen :D ) think of this? 

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lolita vlogs

Hello lolitas,

since I'm keeping my personal blog in german and still would like to get in touch with fellow lolitas all over the world, I decided to give it a try and start a lolita vlog. My first entry is from today and you can find it here:


In the following entries I'll show my closet and daily outfits as well as talk about things I come across in my daily lolita life. Maybe some of you have some time to kill and want to risk a look :) Sorry if I make grammatical or pronouncing mistakes. I make this vlog also to improve my english speaking skills and lose my shyness of actually speaking english instead of only typing it all the time.

If any of you have vlogs themselves, please post a link in a comment! :) I'd love to subscribe to some nice lolita vlogs and learn from you. Thank you for your time!