June 22nd, 2011

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Making my own shoes! :D

 I am really inspired by em&sprout on etsy and I want to make shoes for me to wear kinda like the way she makes her shoes.  Does anyone where can I buy the plain cotton mary janes she uses?  I am mainly looking for a light pink shoe.  :D Thank you

A troll I know calls Lolita a "sick fetish"; venting my anger.

And there I was, telling my great friend Izzy about Lolita (he's starting to get into it <3) on a site, and some guy giving off the essence of a troll, says simply: "Lolita is sick." Well, already getting ticked, I asked why he thought that. And he says Lolita is a sick fetish for pedophiles. Aha. I explained to him no, it has nothing to do with pedophilia. He copy pasted the definition of the word "Lolita", a sexually precocious young girl. Then furthermore started talking about the novel where the definition came from. I, starting to get a little irritated, told him no, it has nothing to do with the book or definition, but he insisted every online dictionary he went to told him that. I told him over and over to look up Lolita FASHION on Wikipedia, and rather, declaring he just can't STAND ignorance, looks up the novel on wiki instead, thinking he's proving me so wrong. My epic friend Izzy was awesome enough to not only paste the link to Lolita fashion's wiki page, also copy paste the quote from said page "Lolita is a fashion style based off of Victorian and Roccoco fashion" and also " It is widely accepted that the fashion has nothing to do with the definition or book" . And yet, still saying he hates ignorant things, the troll ignores Izzy's proof, saying anything can be changed on wikipedia. I get so mad I paste the egl link and tell him to find ONE pedophilic thing on this very site. He stopped chatting. Has something like this ever happened to you? It just gets me so mad, how we are taken so wrong.
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tea party shoes?

Hello ladies of EGL!
I have a question, do any of you have pictures of yourselves wearing BROWN tea party shoes? I'm thinking of buying the brown SS tea parties, but I want to know what they look like IRL
I looked in the memories but i really can't find anything !

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Your favorite shopping service?

In the past year or so I've started buying items from mbok and Yahoo Japan Auctions. I've been using Japonica almost exclusively because so many people raved about them here. I have NO complaints - they're really great. Tonight, with an auction on mbok having only about 45 minutes to go, I was outbid (because I stupidly didn't have a high enough maximum bid), so I sent them an email. But I figured I would lose, and was totally depressed. XD About 30 minutes later they replied to my email, and they got my bid in with 10 minutes to spare. Talk about impressive and fast service!

But I'm curious - what shopping services do other people like to use? There are SO many out there, and while I know to stay away from some of them (ex. Celga, because I just hear too many negative things), there are so many other services that I hear are decent. I'm not looking for a shopping service to replace Japonica, but I would be interested in a service that's able to purchase from different shops (like San-x, 6% DOKIDOKI, etc).

So who do you use most often, and why? :D

If anyone has had any particularly bad shopping service experiences that they haven't shared before in a review here, feel free to share them, too!

Bodyline HELP ?

Hi, being new to well buying online, as well as Lolita fashion I would love to start with cheaper items to see what I' really into Goth? or Sweet? So anyways short question, I happen to have my debit on Paypal, so like an eCheck I believe? So how can I buy from Bodyline ? Last time I tried they don't accept this ): 
So anyway how I can? Or do I really need a credit card attached ?

Thank you very much <3

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No Brand = No Acceptance?

 So, what's the big deal with brand? It's very lovely, yes, and pretty none the less but it's just better quality clothing. Clothing wears and tears and you just buy again, so why is brand such a big deal? I'm positively curious, does it have to do with bragging rights or just the fact that you're a qualified lolita if you have brand? For me, being young I have plenty of years of growing left so buying expensive clothing only to have it stop fitting later is pointless and a waste of money. Off-brand can get pretty good.

So what does owning brand mean to you, and do you think it is important to have it in your closet? 
Personally, I think Lolita is all about being yourself. Which means if you prefer off-brand over brand, there's no reason for someone to bug you about having at least one brand piece in your closet. It's... silly, to me, to waste your time in overly expensive clothing. It just makes you feel good and fluffy that you have something better than someone else. And, as snobby or stuck up, or as bitchy as it sounds, you have to admit it's a pleasant feeling.